President’s Message: Pre-Season 1

Happy new year, Sharks family and welcome to Season 2016!

On behalf of the committee, we trust you’ve enjoyed the start of the New Year and return to school. 

If you’re wondering to yourself “why the email?”, here is some context – our first match is on the 20th of March, second match is on the 10th of April, and Round 1 on the 17th.

A fair bit has been happening over the last few months behind the scenes in setting up for 2016.

Thanks to all who have given time and assistance to date.

Please keep yourselves up to date by visiting the Sharks JFC website and make yourselves aware of the calendar events.

Available at registration on the 7th of February at Domeney will be merchandise, including our NEW club jackets.  Fees for the season have been kept the same as those for 2015. Under 8s – U15s @ $170, and Colts @ $195.  Note discounts apply for each subsequent sibling of $10 off each registration fees.

New players joining for the first time will receive a FREE jacket.

Registration Day – Sunday 7th February 2016 (Next Sunday)

Committee will be holding a Registration Day next Sunday at Domeney Reserve between 10am and 12pm. The intention of the day is more guised toward our new Sharks and to provide support to our members who might not have access to the online registration.

Members of committee will be present to provide you information and support on the registration process and where we are at for season 2016. It would be really great to get things squared away prior to the practice matches as it assists committee in planning and preparing for the season.  Please bring completed forms, incl. the medical and a copy of birth certificate for 1st time registrations.

Online Registration Open!

It is Committee’s preference to capture most of the registrations online, so please feel free to do so now. The registration portal is open and available via the Sharks webpage at Just click on the link and follow the prompts or print off and complete forms if attending in person.


Whilst some of our more senior teams have or are looking to commence training next week, I would not expect our more junior teams to start training until the week prior to our first practice matches on 20th March at Kinglake. This depends on everyone getting online to register ASAP.   Each teams Coach or Team Manager will be in contact with you in due course, so please contain that enthusiasm, things will kick off soon.


Manningham City Council have conducted resurfacing works at Stintons reverse and the ground is looking good.   Coleman reserve will also be available to us this year, apart from our main home ground at Domeney.

Rules – Under 8, 9, 10

Season 2015 saw a shift in rules for these age groups. There are slight differences to each, with the main one being the ‘no tackling’ rule. The rules are available on the Policies page. I invite you all to have a read and wish to assure you that the club will provide you with appropriate information leading up to and throughout the season. Matt Fasan was appointed to the role of Under Age Ambassador.   Matt will take the lead on these issues and be available to answer all questions.


Basic merchandise items will be available for purchase at Registration Day, Practice Matches or directly through Nina Foxwell our merchandise Manager. The club has ordered new items of stock which are now available.


The first clinic for Auskick will be Saturday morning the 16th April, We anticipate this will be at Stintons reserve.   Damien Noonan (Auskick Co0Ordinator) will keep all informed over the next few weeks.

Community Events

Please refer to the website for more information on registration day and coming community events.

As always our wish is to see children playing football.   If you have a mate you know then bring them along and get them involved in the Sharks.

Committee Meeting

A reminder we have a scheduled meeting for this Monday 1st February @ 7.30pm @ Domeney.


We will be sending out regular messages over the coming weeks, but if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to give me a call. I encourage you to visit our website as there is a wealth of information to guide you through.

Go Sharks!

Ritchie Appleby
President, Sharks JFC
0408 367 444