We recognise those players who have achieved the significant milestones of 100, 150, and 200 games played for the Club. These are sensational achievements, demonstrating commitment and dedication to our Club and to a sport they obviously love.

A player’s game tally includes all games played with our Club (including those played for other teams) for both home & away games and finals, and those games played representing the Club in League representative teams. All Tackers games have now been included in the tally.

There may be some anomalies in the statistical data as the information is collected from many sources and human error is always possible. If you have any concerns regarding player games data, please communicate this to the Sharks Secretary and we will endeavour to remedy this.

200 Game Players

Park Orchards North Ringwood Parish

2007 Ashley Viney
2014 Dylan Pascoe

150 Game Players

Tim Nunan*
Jason Fraser*
Justin Mercovich*
Matt Handley
Greg Power
Andrew Smarrelli
Nicholas Garratt
Anthony D’Aloisio*
Lucas Williams
T Macrokanis
K James
S Fazzolari
J Borrack
J Blanck
Ashley Viney
Daniel Smarrelli
Michael Mirabella
Adam Wilson
Matt Allan
Matthew Manuel
Brett Den Elze
Michael Viney
Matthew George
M Skien
M Witnish
T Livingstone
W Macrokanis
A Magnano
Shane Trenfield
Shane Den Elzen
Darcy Powell
Michael Chimenton
Joel Gleeson
Chris Garrett
Dylan Pascoe
Mat O’Connor
T Holmes
C Farrell
N Concon
J Fasan
S Phelan
C Hayes
Joel Holewa
Tim Watkins
Tom Hewitt
Ciaran Hickey
Matthew Watkins
Michael Prosenak
Alastair Price
Jahn Holewa
L Cridland
M Williamson
M Lowther
C Jones
M Schafer
B Panza

Names marked with an * are players who played a season in EFL and who have not played 150 YJFL games

100 Game Players

Park Orchards

D Hetherington
T Rule
L Trembath
J Benedict
K O’Brien
I Garcia
M Hetherington
M Young
A Thwaites
R Minchin
K Wightman
C Wightman
P Young
L O’Connor
T Bailey
A Fullard
D Evans
D Bailey
K Osterlund
L Ferrell
D Young
J Graham
B O’Connor
C Tilling
A Brock
N Dodwell
T Young
B Cunningham
P Carbis
S Taylor
D Noonan
L Bale
B Trevor
C Robins
D Downie
C Tilley
J Lyford
B Slater
H Jacob
G Lorden
J Dickson
G Brown
B Downs
C Rule
N Smirk

North Ringwood Parish

B Fitzgibbon D Rio S Fitzgibbon

Park Orchards North Ringwood Parish

L Graham
N Cunningham
M Setches-Glaubitz
M Nunan
J Power (Jeremy)
J Spadetto
M Jones
G Coleman
C McLennan
A Bullock
C Janson
L Sturgess
D Leaumont
D Calthorpe
M Love
T Cloke
A Viney
S Macaulay
M Vita
P Mitchell
B Lechner
R Carafa
B Spadetto
M Trenfield
B Trenfield
A Harley
D Powell
L Holewa
M Cromb
D O’Sullivan
T Zerella
T Feher
L Caulfield
T Clapham
P Harrington
J Buhagiar
A Price
T Condon
K Quilty
S Coutts
L Buhagiar
S Scanlon
C Leonard
C Smith
A Cardamone
J Holewa
S Beagley
T Warhurst
J Nicholson
L Williams
C Hickey
J Eddy
J Miles
P Rees
B Giampeierto
L Taylor
J Pisani
N Condon
B Maglica
T Jacotine
N Florio
J Knox
D Hickey
C Hayes
S Powell
W Thomas
J Sims
L Greaney
M Spiteri
T Prunty
E Harvie
Z Abrams
K Dickson
K Wallace
L Ball
K Dickson
L Vigo
A Macrokanis
M Wallis
J Power (Joe)
J Bond
J Toohey
D Crea
B Janson
C Stats
B Hall
M D’Amano
A Boland
M Grant
A Gamble
J Fraser
G Power
R Doyle
M Mirabella
M Brine
M Viney
D Linnie
J Trend
S Trenfield
A Gleeson
D Wilson
S Hoskins
A Marcello
J O’Sullivan
J McLachlan
T Dunford
M Manuell
M Lewis
J Gleeson
J Holewa
M Tricarico
M Williams
D Pascoe
M Prosenak
D Gore
R Turner
W Forde
T Johnston
T Oakley
J Cleary
H Jacob
B Whitfield
M Williamson
R Hunt
B Rich
K Hayes
N Mariniello
T Miles
P Aloisio
J Anderson
D Holland
M Tymms
S Pensak
G Coleman
A Snooks
K James
S Fazzolari
J Price-Inglis
J Blanck
T Horton
M James
P Dunne
D Woods
J Cameron
N Holmes
J Raciti
J Archer
J Cullen
T Tout
G Standish
P Sheers
B Knight
F Hoskins
C Barons
T Sonderhof
L Appleby
Z Mcleod
J Bridger
A Baker
L Higgins
M Atkins
M Bullock
M Baker
G Stephens
T Painter
G Wilson
A Gleeson
M Allan
C Power
D Beagley
B O’Leary
R Wilson
L Ramadge
J Witnish
S Den Elzen
B Toohey
R Brine
N Lannen
J Trotter
T Spurrell
M Houston
D Price
S Coghlan
T Watkins
C Garratt
S Rowland
T Robinson
M Watkins
T Kemm
J Bond
J Murphy
K Wood
M Sazenis
M Barr
J O’Brien
B Pye
B Perriam
L James
J James
G Campbell
Li Hunt
M Holmes
J Chappell
H Cocks
J Cridland
S Coleman
D Irvine
B Winch
B Doherty
T Nunan
C Bresnan
T Nunan
C Knibbs
A Atkins
M Witnish
T Livingstone
C Jones
J Donker
E Smeed
A Williams
B Panza
L Munro
D Kemp
S Lowther
Z Schafer
J Leonard
F Siesmaa
T Schroder
T Choveaux
H Gayfer
O Foxwell
E Stone
J Trembath
W Swan
H Parrott
B Duffy
M Colwell
J Campbell
N Ranieri
J Mercovich
A Dwyer
A Rowe
M Handley
A Smarrelli
M Beagley
S Bullock
B Den Elzen
T Schwennesen
M O’Leary
B Trend
C Trend
S Colwell
W Harris
A Mafrici
T Currie
L Brouwer
D Moseley
L Turner
D Egerton
J D’Aloisio
T Hewitt
B Ryan
P O’Leary
S Currie
C Hickey
M Nicholson
B Coghlan
N Mill
J Field
S Pollard
M Roughan
M O’Connor
L Batchelor
C Cromb
T Riccioni
J Raso
T Scanlon
J Choveaux
L Barkla
L Cridland
J Fasan
T Holmes
M Skien
L Cridland
T Macrokanis
P Harrington
A Pinzone
C Whitfield
M Haythorne
J Green
K Rimes
T Cox
M Lowther
J Schroder
L Phelan
H Oakley
M Schafer
B Voogd
L Gawel
D Mortlock
B Purcell
H Warhurst
R Appleby
J Conlan
P Buscema
G Brown
Z Braunthal
D MacDonald
J O’Connor
M Trotto
J Morenhout
J Wigg
L Stevens
O Foxwell