Register now for Season 2023!

The registration, medical, and consent process is now online and is a simple one step procedure. Please email our Registrar if you have any issues. We accept Visa and MasterCard payments.

Registrations can only be completed online. We no longer accept paper registration forms

Update Profile

YJFL have moved to PlayHQ as the platform for all registration and team management activities.

Use the below link to log on or create an account and finalise registration

Check your details in your profile and ensure they are correct before registering. Particularly ensure your EMAIL address is correct!

  Register Online Now!

Proof of Age

All players registering for the first time must have their Birth Certificate (or extract) or Passport sighted by the Registrar. Please send this by email to our Registrar.

YJFL Player Transfer

If your child has previously played for another club and wishes to play for The Sharks in Season 2023, you are required to complete a YJFL Player Transfer Form online.

Please note: Transfers cannot be processed through PlayHQ until Feb 1 2023.

As this is an AFL Rule, please inform the Registrar of intent to transfer so we have a record and you can be included on all team and club correspondence. Please email the Registrar after 1 February 2023 with the request and Proof of Age to begin the process. We will not be able to begin the transfer until this date.

  1. Simply commence the Registration process using the link above
  2. PlayHQ will recognise your details with another club, and a prompt will appear asking if you’d like to submit a transfer. Select Yes.
  3. This request will be sent to our Registrar, who will approve once we have sighted a Proof of Age document
  4. You are required to email a copy of Proof of Age, either a birth certificate or passport to our Registrar. Once sighted, we can then approve the transfer

Please note: please email our Registrar your proof of age ASAP. This will ensure we are ready to approve come 1 February 2023.


Fees to be paid in 2023 are tabled below.

Incorporated in the Registration Fees are:

  • YJFL FEE covers Player Insurance, Trained Medics at Every Game in the YJFL, and umpires fees
  • Sharks JFC fee, which has been tiered to keep costs family-friendly
  • 10% discount to families with multiple players
Age Year of Birth YJFL Sharks Total
U8 2015/2016 $127.45 $55.00 $182.45
U9 2014 $127.45 $55.00 $182.45
U10 2013 $127.45 $55.00 $182.45
U11 2012 $177.45 $90.00 $267.45
U12 2011 $177.45 $90.00 $267.45
U13 2010 $177.45 $90.00 $267.45
U14 2009 $177.45 $119.00 $296.45
U15 2008 $177.45 $119.00 $296.45
U16 2007 $177.45 $119.00 $296.45
U17 2006 $177.45 $119.00 $296.45
U18 2005 $177.45 $119.00 $296.45

It is a requirement that the Registrar sights all Proof of Age documents (Birth Certificate or Passport) for ALL new players to the Club. Please ensure you email our Registrar ASAP.

Hardship Fund: The Sharks support all those players wanting to play junior football. The Club has a Hardship Fund – please contact the Registrar, who will confidentially direct you through a very simple process. For more information, please refer to the Community Hardship Fund on our Policies page

By Registering, you are agreeing to

By registering with the Park Orchards North Ringwood Parish Junior Football Club, you are agreeing to all policies and procedures of the club as well as the most important – the Code of contact set by the YJFL to players and parents. Please find our Policiess online here

Team Numbers

We are an inclusive junior football club. We welcome all those that would like to play for our club and will work hard to ensure the right players are in the right teams and play in the right competition level within the YJFL.

Historically, we have not been a club that have capped numbers. However, the change of numbers in the last 2 COVID years has proved to create gaps in some ages, and large registrations in others.

As a result, the Committee and Football Department will be monitoring registrations closely. We will be working with coaching staff to ensure all players wanting to play get a chance to become part of a team. We are focused on ensuring that all teams have the right numbers of players.

If there is a need to have teams with larger numbers, there will be rebates to those games missed due to rotations and also rotation scheduling to ensure equal opportunities. We will be working with the coaches well ahead of time to have this transparent and communicated to families.

We do encourage that you please register as soon as possible so we can ensure the right allocation of player numbers is achieved.

U8s and U9s

Players wishing to register for U8s or U9s must have turned 8 years old (for U8s), or 9 years old (for U9s) by 31 December 2023 in order to be eligible.

If also registered in Auskick, the Sharks Club Fee will be waived.

Children fitting this criteria can now be register. Proof of Age must be emailed to our Registrar in order to be eligible.

We encourage parents of U8s and U9s to familiarise themselves with the U8s and U9s Information Pack prior to commencement of the season.

We make every effort to try to group our U8s and U9s teams together in friendship groups. If you are registering an U8s or U9s player, please complete Friendship Group section during the online registration process

  Download U8s and U9s Information Pack (PDF) 

Uniform Requirements

Playing jerseys will be provided by the Club on loan for the Season. They are to be returned washed at Season end. A fee of $55 will be charged if jerseys are not returned. 

Players are to purchase shorts and socks from the club for gameday. You can purchase these online, or at one of our merchandise days. 

Footy boots and a mouthguard are also mandatory.

A club jacket will be provided for all NEW players to the Sharks. These can be collected at one of our merchandise days during pre season.

All other merchandise like bags, hoodies, warm up tops, drink bottles, caps and beanies etc. are completely optional and can also be purchased either online or on a merchandise day.

  Shop Sharks Merch 

Mouthguard Orders

During March 2023, the Club will hold 2 Mouthguard Fitting Nights by a qualified dentist. Please keep your eye on the website and TeamApp for confirmation of dates and times.

  Download Mouthguard Order Form (PDF)

Coaches Application

Please read and complete the below Application Form if you are interested in coaching a Sharks team. Please click below to download the form, complete, and return by email to our Registrar.

  Download Coaches Application Form (Word, for completing electronically)   Download Coaches Application Form (PDF, for printing)

Policy Changes

A number of policy changes are made within the club as well as within the YJFL to the rules and by-laws for different age groups every year. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the appropriate changes to the rules and by-laws by visiting our Policies page and the YJFL website.