Awards 2021

Life Membership – Tim Livingston

It is with great pleasure and honour that I announce the recipient of Life Membership, which goes to living legend Tim (Livo) Livingstone. 

It is without a doubt there is no greater deserving club member than Livo, servant of the club and undeniably one of the most giving humans we have the privilege of being part of the Sharks family.

A few things about Tim…

Tim has always conducted himself in a calming manner, displaying equal and fair leadership and thus rewarded with absolute respect. His desire to impart knowledge and self-growth for each individual no matter their level of skill is a special quality that is well received by every player.

A quiet confidence, never pushing his own barrow, yet whenever Tim is asked to assist or give of his time, he always delivers over and above. He is a man of substance and moral conviction and interacts with great enthusiasm, a warm demeanour, great sense of humour and a genuine laugh!

Timeline at the Club

  • 2004-2006 Auskick
  • 2007-2008 Tackers Coach
  • 2009 Assistant Coach U10
  • 2010 Coach U11 – Premiers
  • 2011-2012 Coach
  • 2015-2016 Coach – Colts Division 1 – Premiers
  • 2018-2021 Youth Girls Coach Generating 3 AFLW Players 

Tim has also assisted in planning for the Senior Club, and assisting other girls team Coaches, and from 2008-2016 he implemented and ran the Sharks Development Program.

In 2010 Livo was awarded the ‘Eastern Region Coach of the Year’ and in 2016 the ‘YJFL Coach of the Year’ Award.

His involvement with the club never stops on the field, setting up and packing up various BBQ’s and social functions, assisting with multiple presentations and coaching groups supporting player development.

Tim is a true gentleman with great balance through love for and of family.

It is with great pleasure and pride, on behalf of the PONRPJFC and the Membership, that in recognition of service, I congratulate Tim Livingston with Life Membership.

Well done and thank you Livo.

Lions Club 2021 – Ben Duffy

Ben commenced his time at the Sharks as a budding Auskicker in 2009

  • Drive – Determination on the field, always encouraging others
  • Personality – A bit cheeky, but very respectful (a trait we all love)
  • Positivity – uplifting team member with a positive vibe
  • Helpful – Assisting coaches, helping with set up and pack up
  • Thoughtful – Helping younger players

It is Ben’s spirited commitment to the club, his character and passion that is being acknowledged when presenting him with this award. Congratulations and well done Ben!

Club Person 2021 – Dean Prest

This year’s recipient has been ascending to a recognised brilliance over the last 5 years. Dean took on the role of Coaches Coordinator in 2018 and at first wondered what he had got himself into! Having previously overseen Auskick and been involved in the day to day activities, he immensely enjoyed the fellowship of all and the young Chargers and parents hung onto every word. 

It was certainly a stormy course for that first year on the committee. Securing Coaches took skill, however, the weekly focus and ability to negotiate “Alpha’s” was a journey in itself. Presty is a no-nonsense down to earth mate that everyone wants on their team. He doesn’t like to offend or upset people, yet his determination in guiding and sharing ‘the hard tell’ truths is handled with aplomb. You can tell by the look in his eyes when he sets that steely look and sets his jaw. This year though, I think Dean has absolutely mastered his position and has expressed an air of relaxed professionalism. His ability to just get things done, question what doesn’t quite feel right and display a genuine openness is the epitome of a quintessential Aussie. Really, he is a bonza bloke and a fair dinkum cobber!

During the past two COVID effected seasons, Dean has not only gone about his endeavours in a seamless manner, but made sure he’s available to assist everyone. His family and the committee know the amount of effort and hours put in and it’s all done in a level-headed manner.

Presty enjoys the comradeship and light hearted banter of the committee. However, his eyes shine when speaking of the love he has for his family.

On behalf of the PONRPJFC, it is with great pleasure that we acknowledge the Club Person for 2021 as Dean Prest.

President’s Letter: Annual Report 2021

Welcome and thank you to all our members, parents and support groups for your assistance and participation for season 2021.

Unlike the completion of 2019 whereby I mentioned that the season had gone “extremely smoothly” we encountered a few obstacles this year. I must make comment though that it was more like a lovely bright rainbow. Rainbows brighten the horizon yet are created by dark storm clouds, rain and beautiful sunshine.

After NO PLAY for season 2020 with the onset of COVID-19 conditions, which created many stalled attempts to get going, season 2021 started slowly. There was almost an air of apathy during pre-season however once round one was upon us, our young chargers leapt from the trenches and the seasons battle began in earnest. Parents returned to performing the various roles required on match day.

Our main oval at Domeney was in upheaval as buildings were being demolished and rebuilt. No canteen available for the traditional dimmies, hot dogs or drinks. Schedules for training having to be shared with the senior club and Auskick enjoying a new Thursday twilight timeslot. Oh boy and on it goes. 

Thankfully, we have the absolute BEST committee in the whole wide world! That’s “my opinion” and of course I’m correct. Our committee applied themselves to their various roles and assisted in set-up and pack-up each Sunday. They attended additional online meetings regarding protocols and get-togethers for new playing conditions. In other words, all the behind-the-scenes activities that they apply their knowledge, expertise and subsequent implementation to.

Sometimes, our young charges are oblivious to the back-stage work involved by parents who contribute each week in various roles. Thank you to our extraordinary parents – not only on their contributions, but how they conducted themselves each week. I know it’s been said during the season in emails of the President’s Message, yet I am over the moon with the exemplary behaviour of all this season. Without a doubt we are the custodians, in time representing the P.O.N.R.P.J.F.C and without the wonderful contributions of past committees and parents we wouldn’t have this great legacy to follow nor uphold. So, from past achievements to current undertakings, let me say it doesn’t go unnoticed. 

So, to enable us to further grow and provide the absolute best for our membership, we need your help. We request your assistance, encouragement and support of your committee in the 2022 season so that we may continue to move forward, be it policy, our unique story as a club through to playing opportunities and equipment. In whatever positive manner this support is undertaken, it is greatly appreciated and needed every season. 

Thank you for your continued efforts and reliability.

The Season

Our junior club was down on playing numbers this year, however I believe the comradery and mateship has never been closer. We were down approximately 40 girls and 60 boys from the previous years. Our numbers were around the 400 players mark this year from 24 teams in 2019 to 18 fielded in 2021, plus an increased Auskick.

It was good to see how our Junior and Senior Clubs worked together during this interrupted season. The Auskickers received assistance during the season from Junior and Senior Club players and coaches. The Juniors and Auskickers were invited to attend Senior matches, training sessions and functions.

2021 saw record numbers of Sharks’ Youth Girls invited to train with the YJFL and Eastern Ranges Squads. The Boys were invited to the YJFL Magpies, Eastern Ranges and the Northern Knights for trials. Whilst some players will always move away from our club because they believe the “grass is greener” elsewhere, we know that it’s because there is more “cow manure” scattered around there. With the requests from the YJFL and other organisations, we know that our home-grown talent is immense. 

The opportunities the club offers could even open AFL or AFLW doors for players. To see how the pathway is in place for our Juniors, one only must recognise the composition of the Senior Club. Some 72% of all players in the U19’s, Ladies, Reserves and Seniors played Junior Football at the Sharks. Now that’s healthy!

Our committee and previous committees have always focused on getting players out and onto the field each week. Therefore, we make no apologies that where possible we field two teams of 17 players each rather than have one super team of 34 and players rostered off each week. The difficulty is where players hold back on registration and sometimes it’s too late to make that second team. Please, all players, let us know by early February of your intentions. 

We had a few hiccups during 2021, however the participation rates were high. Most years teams enjoy their season; however, it is noted that there were two teams this year that did it tough. I fully believe we have acknowledged and made adjustments, and this will be reversed next year. The season ended with a whimper as lockdown 5 and 6 cruelled our season, yet it was fantastic to have played 9 of 14 games for the year. A vast improvement on season 2020.

Well done to players, coaches, team managers, assistants and parents to have been a part of the journey in this Covid effected 2021. All I can say is watch out other clubs, 2022 looks like it is going to be a fantastic season! I’ve watched our current crop of young players and have observed significant growth in skills this year. More importantly, I’m seeing a closeness and desire to be there with friends. Mateship is a wonderful feeling, and a special sense of belonging is a key pillar in life.


All our membership, players and guardians must be congratulated for an exemplary season of conduct. Without a doubt, this has been a fantastic year. I believe we may have received only one yellow card on the field during matches and that was it. Our supporters showed great zeal and enthusiastic barracking without overstepping the mark. The YJFL recognise our Club as one of the elites in the competition when it comes to conduct. Thank you one and all for remembering it’s a sport for our young people and for understanding that umpires are human and most are young and learning their trade as well. It’s great to acknowledge our own umpires academy commencement this year

Club Captains

Club Captain: Lachlan Jury
Club Vice Captain: Jorja Livingstone
Club Vice Captain: James Mason

Committee – President

Our committee have been entrusted with a wonderful history and custodianship of our club. The past accomplishments achieved are recognised by our current representatives and we strive to protect them whilst we implement improvement. Sometimes we get it pretty right, other times we step on a few toes. However, it’s the meaning of the intent, the spirit to be open and the desire to offer consistency of experience for our membership that drives us all. 

The past two years have had us in unknown territory and I would like to personally acknowledge that:

  • Each President brings their own style and talents and in particular, communicating the weekly Presidents Message and End of Year Annual Report
  • Writing the report every week and focusing on Club topics and issues needing to be expressed can be difficult; this includes the manner in running social events.
  • From time to time not all our membership may be happy with the reports that are written, and some may consider them slightly “politically inappropriate” through to the “array of agendas” discussed not being to their taste.

Since becoming President in 2015, how I communicate, I decided will include varying degrees of emotion and a certain transparency into the life I lead and how I naturally respond to issues. This includes life moments that impact on myself or may family which I try to turn into a learning opportunity for others. Thus, furthering the works, ideas and communication of previous committee members. The beautiful thing about our Club is that it is made up of a vast array of different personalities with diverse learned life experiences. So why do I write and say various comments?

I like to think I have an open and inclusive style. It’s my style and it’s who I am.

More importantly, it’s about what occurs in life that can be turned into life lessons and these events that are encountered being reconstructed. Thus, the ability to compose an understanding of a lesson that can be used towards educating into a “sporting life”. These opportunities can be expressed as experiences towards our playing membership. Every day in some way, we are tested in life; from this we need to impart lessons that can be understood and applied to the sporting arena. It’s how we apply this knowledge to a growth learning scenario to become a better person in our community, our school and our team is what is most important. 

I am very privileged and honoured to be in the role at this great Club. A number of truly wonderful people have gone before me and imparted their learnings and imprint. To all past committee members, your wisdom, guidance and implementation gives direction to our deeds today. Thank you for your great vision and having been a part in the journey of the years to date.

This year I will be stepping sideways into the Vice Presidents role. This will allow for succession planning to be imbedded with our new President. Covid has inhibited a proper handover as all social events for the last two years have been cancelled. Please welcome our new President and offer all the assistance you can possibly give. 

I would like to personally thank those committee members who have also been involved in guiding the club over the previous years, thank you for your efforts and enjoy retirement.

Leaving your Mark

What footprints do we leave on this planet? Who are we and how do others see us?

Sometimes we are tested in a most unusual manner. No matter how young or old, our outlook on life holds varying degrees for different folks. We all want to be winners every week, but what does this really mean? I believe to be part of a team, be part of a great club and to be part of a community is to be a true winner. Life and sport are not only about what we personally learn, but I think more importantly how we impact on those around us.

The challenges we face in life revolve around ‘culture’. The culture of an individual, a team, the club and the local community. In life as in sport, we need to be empathetic, understand others (teammates) challenges in life whilst having the ability to reflect on our and their actions. To be able to remain true to yourself and observe what’s occurring around us is the true test of culture and our character. So, let’s work on ourselves, develop our skills and leave a true impact on others of who we are and let our ripples forever reach outwards. Too often as young people, we are influenced by what others say and we listen to what people say we can’t do. The most difficult aspect of life is comparing ourselves against others. Our attitude, values and support of others can be tested each week on the sports oval. So, stop being limited by others, listen to your coaches, life mentors and be all you can be. Be who you really are, apply what you learn from life (including each game played) to constantly grow as an individual and have a positive impact on others. NOW that’s what I call a true winner.

Be the best you can be, get up with a good outlook each day and be proactive in achieving your goals regularly. Take a moment to reflect on what you’re doing and how you’re doing it and if need be, ask for assistance. 

Remember our journey during 2020 and 2021 and the impact lockdowns have had on us all, and time we have been able to share with each other in our 5km radius. We have been tested like never before. I’m extremely proud of all in our club how they’ve taken the opportunity to climb the mountains that have confronted us. The impact of our legacy onto others’ lives, be it in the home, sport, school or work acknowledges the true champions we are.

Thank you for your support.

Go Sharks in 2022!!

Ritchie Appleby
Outgoing President, Sharks JFC

Registrar Role Vacancy

Greeting families,

With Season 2021 now officially wrapped up, we move forward into preparing for Season 2022.

There will be a number of roles being advertised. Some are to replace leaving committee, others are in addition to current roles to help lighten the workload.

The most urgent for now is the role of Registrar.

We thank Ellen Gallagher for her time and dedication over the last year. Ellen and Dustin Albers (who is staying on) have created fabulous working processes allowing this role to be done by 2 people.

The role of one of the registrars is now vacant and as we approach the commencement of registration period for 2022 it’s of utmost importance that this be filled immediately.
It does make it really tough to open registrations without this position filled as it places more workload on existing committee members.

Please find attached a brief outline of what the role entails. A more detailed role outline can be provided upon request.

This is a role that can’t be done by other committee members who are already busy preparing the club for the 2022 season.

Please contact Nina Foxwell (0409 564 724 or or any other committee members for further information.

Go Sharks!!
PONRPJFC Committee

Tribute to Johnny Gayfer

On behalf of the Senior & Junior Club at the Sharks, we are inviting our whole community to a special tribute for local legend – Johnny Gayfer.

Next Saturday & Sunday 9th & 10th we invite you at your own time to do a lap of Domeney reserve oval and leave a ribbon on fence down cricket nets end. A simple way to acknowledge and salute a great life and a treasured community man loved by all.

Collection of Trophies and Medals – Sat 25th Sept

Greetings Parents and Players,

Thank you to everyone who jumped online last Sunday for our Virtual Presentation Day.
Massive Thank you to Damian Noonan who spent an exorbitant number of hours pulling together the presentation and videos plus the pictures and music.

Collection of Trophies and Medals

Tomorrow Sat 25th Sept committee members will be set up at Domeney and available at the following times for collections:

  • 10-10.30am U8 U9 U10 U11 U8 and U9 TMs to collect team medals. All award winners to collect their trophies
  • 10.30-11am U12 and U13 All award winners to collect their trophies
  • 11-11.30am U14 and U15 All award winners to collect their trophies
  • 11.30am-12pm U16 and Colts/YG All award winners to collect their trophies. TMs for Colts/YG to collect departing gifts for graduating players and organise distribution

Milestone medals will be delivered to either the recipient or team TMs by committee

Please stick to your age group time to avoid over crowding

The committee will now go into planning mode for 2022.

A number of positions on committee are being vacated and replacements are needed. Emails for these roles will be sent in the coming weeks

Thank You for 2021


Good Evening Families,

I hope you have all enjoyed the first day of the school holidays and in particular exploring your extra 5kms.

I was delighted to be part of the presentation day yesterday. It was the first time that the club has run a presentation in this way and we felt it went very well. There was a lot of hard work that went on behind the scenes so thank you to everyone who made it happen.

It was terrific to see so many Sharks players and their families online to enjoy the morning.

Congratulations once again to all the award recipients and to all Sharks players on a fantastic season. You are all winners in our eyes.

Unfortunately, we experienced some inappropriate behaviour online from some attendees. This is disappointing and not something we condone at our club. Therefore, we are currently investigating further and will take necessary action if required.

For those who may have missed the AGM yesterday, I would like to officially introduce myself. My name is Kate Gniel and I am excited to be taking on the role as Junior Club President for 2022 season.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ritchie Appleby for his passion and dedication as President over the past few years. He leaves big shoes to fill!

I have been running Auskick for the last three years and have been involved in the junior club committee as Vice President for the last year. I am excited to be part of such a dedicated committee. I also have two boys who play for the Sharks.

My passion is community and I look forward to being part of what is the heart of our community and helping it grow even more.
I look forward to getting to know you all and to seeing what amazing things our club can achieve in 2022 and beyond.

A huge thank you to everyone for making the best of the season 2021.

We look forward to a bigger and better season with no interruptions for 2022.

Until then, I would like to wish you and your families a very safe and happy summer.
Take care

Thanks a million

T: 0415 169015

YJFL Best and Fairest Placings

CONGRATULATIONS!! to all our contenders for their awesome efforts to be voted in the top 10 for their divisions.

Across the club we achieved:

  • 2 B&F (Josh Tovey and Josh Galstians)
  • 3 2nd placings (Felix Hattwich, Henry Milton and Josh Smillie)
  • 4 3rd placings (Lily Cameron, Cooper Trembath, Sam Caltieri and Jessica Fortington)

Below are the final results:

  • U11 girls Jessica Fortington 3rd
  • U11 girls Chloe Bilucaglia 5th
  • U11 boys Brown Sam Caltieri 3rd
  • U12 boys gold Ben Nicholls 5th
  • U12 boys gold Josh Prest 8th
  • U13 boys brown Logan Hamilton 4th
  • U13 boys Red Felix Hattwich 2nd
  • U14 boys brown Henry Milton 2nd
  • U14 boys brown Austin Foxwell 6th
  • U14 Girls gold Mia Spencer-Jones 7th
  • U15 boys Div 1 Josh Galstians 1st
  • U15 boys Div 1 Josh Smillie 2nd
  • U16 boys Div 2 Josh Tovey 1st
  • U16 Boys div 2 Cooper Trembath 3rd
  • U16 boys Div 2 Oscar Pollock 5th
  • U16 girls Div 1 Lily Cameron 3rd
  • U16 girls Div 1 Charlotte Newton 5th
  • Youth girls Div 1 Mia McAuliffe 6th
  • Colts Boys Div 3 Alex Macrokanis 7th

Cancellation of Season 2021

Greetings Families,

It was the news we all saw coming. Today, the YJFL released an official announcement cancelling the 2021 season.

To the YJFL Community,

The State Government announcement yesterday made it clear that no competitive matches will be possible for the weekends of the 5th and 12th of September, when we were due to play our finals series.

I therefore regret to advise that last night the YJFL Board resolved to bring to an end the 2021 season. The League always strived to have a return to play, and complete the 2021 season, but ultimately the health and safety of our playing and volunteer community is paramount.

We have decided that the teams that finished on top of the ladder will be considered the 2021 premiers, and that the 2021 League Best & Fairest awards will be made. We will provide more information on the awards in a week or so.

We would like to sincerely thank all of our member clubs and the committees who have worked tirelessly this year to not only get community football back up and running, but do it again after mid-season lockdowns and restarts. Thanks also goes out to both the players and team volunteers at our clubs, whose passion and enthusiasm for our great game is amazing. To see nearly 11,000 kids come back every week is a credit to the work YJFL volunteers do.

Thanks must also go out to our umpiring fraternity who have been equally committed as our players, and the umpiring coaches who spent many hours making appointments even when there was a low likelihood of playing.

We look forward to the 2022 season and thank you again for your support.

Tim Murray

Once again the Sharks community has stood strong during the many lockdowns we’ve endured and as a committee we’re proud of our players, parents and volunteers.

To close out the season we will be holding a virtual Presentation Day Sunday 19th Sept.

More details to come but on this day we will announce each team B&F votes, award Life Membership, Club Person and hold the AGM

Stay tuned!!

President’s Letter: Round 11 2021

Hi all Sharks!

Wow, what year it has been! As we approach the final few weeks it is a great relief that Melbourne is out of lockdown again and we are able to come together as a team and play out the remaining games. 

Due to the most recent lockdown the season has been extended slightly and a reduced finals series is planned to provide our players with as much game time as possible.

Key dates for the finals series are as follows:

  • August 8, 15 & 22: Last home and away matches
  • August 29:   1st will play 4th and 2nd will play 3rd – whoever wins will play in the Grand Final
  • September 5:  Grand Final Day

With the past 18 months being some of the most difficult, it is fair to say that coming together as a community has definitely been a highlight on the weekend with players, parents and family being able to enjoy team sport together. A big thank you to our parents, coaches and team managers for making it happen each week – from getting the kids up and on the field (even on the coldest of Melbourne days) to the support, leadership and enthusiasm we see at every game – it wouldn’t happen without you!

Congratulations to all Sharks players who have participated this year, it’s been a fantastic season and we couldn’t be prouder of the comradery and level of sportsmanship you all display on and off the field. Well done and good luck in the upcoming weeks of the series finals. You should all be very proud of your efforts and what you have achieved this year.

Cancellation Of Upcoming Events

Colts, U18 Youth Girls Transition Dinner, Life Members Dinner & Final Round Burger Night

Sadly, it is with a heavy heart that we cancel this year’s events due to current COVID restrictions and the strict limitations on numbers being able to attend. We apologise for this and look forward to better times when it is safe to once again host club events.

AGM & Presentation Sunday 19th September

The Sharks will hold a Presentation Day at Domeney Reserve this year on Sunday 19th September.  The day will be split into sessions with the AGM occurring at the midway point. There will be activities for younger members including jumping castles, BBQ’s with bacon and eggs on in the morning to sausages and burgers for lunch. Please arrive 10min early for your designated session.

The timings are as follows:

  • 9:45am – 10:15am: Under 8, 9, 10
  • Tim MacLennan Medals
  • 10:30am – 11:15am: Under 11, 12, 13
  • 11:30am: AGM
  • 11:45am to 1:00pm: Under 14, 15, 16, Youth Girls & Colts
    (please be in attendance of the AGM prior)
  • Life Members 
  • Club Person of the Year
  • Medals/Trophies


If at any stage, you have any queries then please don’t hesitate to contact myself. Please TEXT ME to organise a time to chat or meet up.  

Go Sharks!!

Ritchie Appleby
President, Sharks JFC
0408 367 444

President’s Letter: Round 10 2021

Hi all Sharks!

I trust all Players, Mums and Dads enjoyed their break over the school holidays. I know the committee welcomed the chance to charge their batteries and put their feet up for a few days. Well, hasn’t time flown, we are into our last month of home and away games before the finals commence on the 22nd of August. So much to do, so little time!

From our committee’s point of view, we know the season is fast coming to an end. During the next few weeks, we have our Youth Girls/Colts, Life Members Dinner, Team Managers wrap up, Coaches meeting, YJFL Directors/President’s meeting and Committee meetings and then finals – Phew!

The last round on 15th August, we look forward to seeing you at our burger night afterwards at Domeney Reserve from 5pm onwards.

During the last month it has been great to see the PONRPJFC represented by Players in the YJFL selected teams taking on other leagues. Well done to our Rep Players who participated in and enjoyed stepping up to a new level.

Sunday was the perfect winter footy day. The air had a chill, but the grounds were dry, and a lovely amount of sun was shining. Yes, it was a weak winter sun, however the input by out Sharks was strong. Players turned up with renewed vigour not to mention the well soaked bright white shorts. Thanks mums, well done. Whilst the scores can be unfair on teams during the year, it’s great to see the ticker shown from the players. Use the rest of the year as a learning curve if the results aren’t going your way and let’s show a united front in 2022. Focus on your coaches’ instructions, pick up new skills and enjoy being with your teammates. Thank you all parents for the support roles you’re involved in, particularly Team Managers – you are magnificent.

Representative Acknowledgement

Once again, we are honoured to have an extensive list of our players selected to represent the Sharks across a range of high-level competitions. It is an outstanding recognition of a player’s skill, their embodiment of our club’s culture and their potential in the wider football community. Well done to all players who have been selected and we look forward to hearing about your success in these exciting new opportunities.




  • Logan Hamilton
  • Daniel Nielsen
  • Logan Ross
  • Logan Sonderhof
  • Isaiah Thomas


  • Mia Bosna
  • Emily Rankin


  • Felix Kilworth


  • Grace Bettiol
  • Allie King
  • Scarlett McInerney
  • Mia Spencer-Jones


  • Josh Galstians
  • Oliver Nitz
  • Josh Smillie


  • Hannah Taylor
  • Zoe Miriklis
  • Mia Servinis
  • Remy Archer


  • Will Sonderhof


  • Petra Edwards


  • Jorja Livingstone
  • Jade Hutchinson

New Date For Club Photo’s – Now Friday 30 July And Sunday 1 August

Please see schedule below for your time

Please arrive 15 minutes early to Domeney Reserve


Colts, U18 Youth Girls & Life Members Dinner

Tuesday 3rd August – 6.30pm at Club Kilsyth (Cnr Canterbury and Colchester Roads)

Normally, the transition dinner is for players in Colts and Youth Girls who are playing their final year in Juniors. However, due to COVID and the league introducing an U18 Youth Boys division this year, the format will change for Season 2021 and all our Colts and Youth Girls are invited to attend. The Sharks look forward to welcoming our Life Members along for the evening as well.

The Club will pay for the Players, Life Members and Guests meals and drinks on the night. Parents are encouraged to attend and will need to pay $30 for a 2-3 course meal. Drinks at bar prices. Our special guest speaker for the evening will challenge, interact and create perceptive insights for today and our future. 

Please RSVP your attendance by Sunday 1st August

Final Round Burger Night – Sunday 15th August – Sponsors Night

Our final round night for end of home and away season. A great opportunity to thank all who have helped out and wish those in the finals all the best. A great way for our club to thank all our Sponsors for 2021. 

The club will provide complimentary food and a drink or two as a way of saying thanks and there will be plenty of activities on the night.

AGM & Presentation Sunday 19th September

Under our constitution, all members are encouraged to attend the short formalities which will be conducted midway through the presentation. More on the timetable over the coming weeks.

Park Orchards Cricket Club

POCC look forward to welcoming many of the Sharks players and their families back to Domeney Reserve for the Summer. Registrations open 30th July and the club is fielding U12, U14, U16 and hopefully an U18 team this season playing mostly on Friday nights.

POCC is also fielding at least 3 Senior teams across 2 and 1 day games, as well as a Vets over 40 team playing on Sundays – there will also be two 20/20 teams playing on Tuesday nights.

Enquiries please contact Craig Hunt, President POCC on 0419 108 660


  • Round 11 this weekend the 18th of July
  • Coaches, please make sure your weekly reports for the ‘Shark Attack’ are sent by Tuesday COB
  • If at any stage you have any queries, then please don’t hesitate to contact myself

Go Sharks!!

Ritchie Appleby
President, Sharks JFC
0408 367 444