Monthly Archives: August 2019

President’s Letter: Edition 14

Hi all Sharks,

The home and away season for 2019 is finished. Well done to all players and parents for your contributions. I normally thank Team Managers and Coaches for their input each week. However, having been Goal Umpire in the pouring rain on Sunday, my appreciation and thanks go to all parents who are runners or umpires in that sort of weather. Continue Reading

President’s Letter: Edition 13

Hi All Sharks,

The sun shone weakly for only moments on Sunday, but the wind was swirling all ways and made for some interesting kicking and marking. It was great to see the banner booked for milestone games. Continue Reading

President’s Letter: Edition 12

It was pleasing to hear of some great team results from the weekend. There were a few big wins as some teams start to tune up for finals. Conversely, there were a few teams who tried their absolute hardest yet fell short of kicking a winning score. No matter the results, you’re all champions to the parents, committee and myself because you go out every week and try your best. That’s all anybody can ask for, try your best, look to assist your team mates and focus on improving just that little bit more each week as a player. Continue Reading