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President’s Report: Round 5

Hello all Sharks,

Great to see the teams settling down for their first week of games since Grading concluded. As mentioned last week, grading can be a difficult time as scores comprehensively vary from very high to very low.  See grading does work for most teams.  Continue Reading

President’s Report: Round 4

Hi All Sharks

Round 4 is now complete

The YJFL Grading for 2017 has now reached its conclusion. We will know the positioning of teams that have made a request to change divisions within the next 24 hours. Once this knowledge is at hand we shall inform all team managers to pass on to their respective teams.  Continue Reading

President’s Report: Round 3

Hi All Sharks,

The first few rounds of every season are a little unsettled.

The YJFL grading process is being applied.
Coaches are trying to work through their lists to ensure everyone is getting a go.
Team Managers are working through the administration processes required around game day.
Canteen managers are trying to work out how to create appropriately the desired levels of food and drinks that should be ordered for each week.
Our Sponsorship coordinator is phoning all to make a difference in our great club with monetary pledges of support.
Committee are continually bombarding everyone with the information necessary to ensure your child gets a game of football each week & the club runs correctly.  And on it goes.  Continue Reading