Run-Through Banner

Congratulations to your child for reaching a significant milestone with our club!

Celebrate their milestone game with the Sharks Run-Through Banner.

Through 2022, the Club has directed parents toward Milestone Banners, purely based upon their service and quality of banners. However, the Club recommends families do their research into the various companies that produce run-through banners.

Milestone Banners’ lead time is typically around 2 weeks, so please plan ahead.

There are different sizes available based on budget, what you want included on the banner, and if you are sharing with a teammate.

If you wish to purchase poles for the banner from Milestone Banners, you will need to go and collect your banner and poles from them. Milestone Banners are based in Carrum Downs.

Alternatively, the Sharks have 4 sets of poles that families can borrow. This way, you can have the banner posted out to you.

To borrow poles, please contact us the week before your run-through banner is needed. First in best dressed!