Run-Through Banner

Congratulations to your child for reaching a significant milestone with our club!

Celebrate their milestone game with the Sharks Run-Through Banner.

We would like to assist you in organising the run-through banner for your child.

There are two steps to organising the banner:

  1. Book the Sharks banner which will frame your child’s crepe paper insert.
  2. Order or make your own crepe paper insert with your child’s detail on it.

Step 1: Book the Sharks Banner

The Club has 3 banners for use by Sharks families to celebrate the milestone games.

The inside section of the banner is designed to be filled with crepe paper and used as a run through for the players.

There are ‘50 games’ and ‘100 games’ signs supplied that are attached with Velcro to the sides of the banner

Banner by Phelan Like A Banner

Banner by Phelan Like A Banner

Collecting the Banner and Your Responsibilities

These banners are for use by all Sharks families. Please be considerate of other families who may be using the same banner on the same day.

If you are the first family for the day to use one, please contact us to obtain approval to collect the banner prior to the Sunday. (The banner will be available from the Wednesday prior to the milestone game)

For families using the banner later in the day, the banner will be clean and ready for you to use when you arrive at the ground. Please allow 30-40 minutes to attached the insert to the back of the banner.

After the game, the banner must be cleaned and ready for use by the next family. If there is no other family requiring the banner, it must be cleaned and returned to the bag, and returned to the initial collection point. (You will be advised of the address via email)

If your child is playing away, the Away Banner must be cleaned and returned to the initial collection point (you will be advised of the address via email)

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Step 2: Ordering or Making the Banner insert

The banner insert is a crepe paper section which attaches to the banner and is designed for the players to run through. You can order the crepe paper banner insert or you can make your own.

Option 1: Pre-Made banner by Milestone Banners

Milestone Banners is a company that will make the insert of your banner & deliver it to your door. They need 1-2 weeks notice & prices start from $150

Option 2: DIY Banners

If you decide to make your own you will need:

U11 Red - Callum and Finn 50 Games

U11 Red – Callum and Finn – 50 games

  • Crepe paper to cover the banner insert. Insert dimensions are 2.4M wide by 2.2M high. Please allow 2.5M x 2.3M to allow for overlap of the paper.
  • Wide adhesive tape to stick the crepe paper to the banner and some narrow tape for any minor tears if it is windy!
  • Rubbish bags to collect all the pieces of paper from the ground prior to the start of the game.
  • A great design! See below for ideas and templates.

Attaching Your Insert

It may take 30-40 minutes to attach your insert to the banner – please allow plenty of time.

Attach your insert to the BACK of the Sharks banner – numerous run-throughs by strong young footballers can remove the paint from the edges of the banner!

Attach using lots of small sections of sticky tape, do not use long lengths of tape.


Parents have forwarded these handy tips, please contact us if you have anything to add.

U11 Red - Ollie Clifford - 50th Game

U11 Red – Ollie Clifford – 50 games

Crepe Paper

Shop around. It may take a few visits to obtain enough red, black and white crepe paper. It has been suggested that Lombards has long rolls of crepe – perhaps you could combine with another family to use a roll of paper. In Eastland Shopping Centre, the newsagent near Woolworths has “Gala” crepe paper – packs are 2.4m long x 0.50m wide. 7-8 packs are required to make an insert. Remember the banner opening is 2.4m wide, so extra paper would need to be added so there is an overlap where it is to be attached to the rear of the banner.

Sharks Picture

Available to download and print so that the Sharks logo can be enlarged on a photocopier and then attached to your insert.

9 sheets of A4

Finished size approx. 85cm wide x 60cm high. PDF download
  Download Large Shark

4 sheets of A4

Finished size approx. 50cm wide x 35cm high. PDF download
  Download Small Shark


Microsoft Word .doc files that can be used to make up the letters/numbers for your insert. Word Art files supplied by parents – thank you. Print onto normal copy paper, cut out and stick onto the banner insert.   Download Letters   Download Numbers


Use small sections of adhesive. Tape on the back of your insert. Tape insert to the BACK of the banner to avoid paint being removed as the kids burst through the banner. Tape across the banner using short lengths of tape – better for the kids when they burst through and also easier to remove if you make a mistake and have to peel off the tape! Wide (approx 5cm), clear packaging tape was used to attach the insert to the back of the banner.

Time Taken and Transport

Reports of 3+ hours to construct the insert and 30-40 minutes to attach the insert to the banner. If transporting the insert already attached to the banner perhaps wrap in a travel rug/tarp to protect the crepe paper from tearing.

Poles and Holding up the Banner

The poles attach in the middle of the banner but do easily come apart so perhaps some tape around the joint would help this. Try to get helpers to hold the banner and/or support ropes so parents can video/take photos of the burst through. It’s great to have photos taken from the front and back of the banner to capture the whole event. Then, after hours of work and preparation, it’s over in seconds, and so begins the rush to clear up the paper before the siren!

Good luck and we hope your child loves the experience!