Life Members

This award is not presented annually, but is presented only when this most esteemed recognition is warranted. The criteria for nomination are a significant contribution in single or varied roles, in time and effort to our Club, over a prolonged period.

The persons listed have been honoured with a life membership to our Club.

We thank them for their very important contribution in the journey to making our Club the vibrant, dynamic Club it is today.

Mr I Prichard Mr J Goodison Mrs W Young Mr B Toohey Mr P Den Elzen
Mr R Minchin Mr D Wightman Mr J Winch Mr R Colwell Mr S Harrington
Mr M Heatley Mr R Sheppard Mr G Young Fr K Mogg Mr T Barr
Mr J Tilley Mr J Brock Mr G Veith Mr P Mercovich Mr M O’Leary
Mr D Davis Mr T Carbis Dr J Power Mr D Fraser Mr C Caulfield
Mr P Graham Mr M Cahill Mr G Snooks Mr W Handley Mr D O’Connor
Mr J Downie Mr R Rule Mr J Baker Mrs N Handley Mr A Riccioni
Mr G O’Halloran Mr B Murray Mrs F Power The Cloke Family Mr S Raso
Mr J Cunningham Mrs C O’Brien Mr A Atkins Mr T Mitchell Mr B Holmes
Mr B Ferrall Mr D Taylor Mrs D Snooks Mr R Viney Mr P Hayes
Mr K George Mr M Fasan Mr S Woods Mr M Choveaux Mr M Leonard
Mr A Mortlock Mr T Livingstone Mr R Appleby Mr C Hunt