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President’s Report: Grand Final Wrap Up

Hi all Sharks,

It’s Sunday night at 10:00pm on the 27th August and I’m sitting outside at my writing desk fending off the cold air.  I’m committing pen to paper and I realise I’m stuffed. Yep, I’ve had it.  I, I, I am emotionally drained.  There again, so are probably another 150 or 160 proud Parents from today’s Grand Finals.  At the mention of the word, “Grand Final” I start to tingle and feel alive again.  Thank you to all our Players and Parents of our Grand Finalists for a truly memorable day.  You played so well and put everything on the line, hence why we feel we’ve been on a number of roller coasters.  Continue Reading

President’s Report: Preliminary Finals

Hi all Sharks,

The weather Gods were shining on our finals teams Sunday as if it was a beautiful spring day.  Cool temperatures and constant rain on Saturday totally disappeared for our 8 teams in finals 24 hours later to be replaced with sunshine.  Continue Reading