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President’s Report: Grand Final Wrap Up

Hi all Sharks,

It’s Sunday night at 10:00pm on the 27th August and I’m sitting outside at my writing desk fending off the cold air.  I’m committing pen to paper and I realise I’m stuffed. Yep, I’ve had it.  I, I, I am emotionally drained.  There again, so are probably another 150 or 160 proud Parents from today’s Grand Finals.  At the mention of the word, “Grand Final” I start to tingle and feel alive again.  Thank you to all our Players and Parents of our Grand Finalists for a truly memorable day.  You played so well and put everything on the line, hence why we feel we’ve been on a number of roller coasters.  Continue Reading

President’s Report: Preliminary Finals

Hi all Sharks,

The weather Gods were shining on our finals teams Sunday as if it was a beautiful spring day.  Cool temperatures and constant rain on Saturday totally disappeared for our 8 teams in finals 24 hours later to be replaced with sunshine.  Continue Reading

President’s Report: Round 13

Hi all Sharks,

Round 13 completed on a wonderful winter’s day with sunshine for most of it.   It seemed to be a weekend for Milestones at the matches that I attended.   Five boys played their 100th games and smashed through banners made with love.   Well done and congratulations to all milestone games played by the boys.   At next week’s burger night we will have 50 game medals and 100 game trophies to hand out from the 18th of June onwards.   Those that may occur during finals will be handed out at presentation day on the 10th of September.  Continue Reading