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President’s Message: Round 13

Hi All Sharks,

And then there were three games to go?  As we move towards the final can I please remind everyone that this is kids sport, we need to set the example, and have some FUN!  I have said enough around this in recent weeks so I will leave it at that.  Continue Reading

President’s Message: Round 12

Sharks Domenerians  Auction Poster 2015 150713 pdf

Sharks Domenerians Auction Night

Hi All Sharks,

How was that rain?  Lucky we are sharks and can swim! Well done all!

Over the last few weeks our junior Sharks have ventured out of the ocean and into the basin to play a grid match, our senior Sharks have been educated about the potentials perils they might face when they venture into the deep, and it’s about this time of year when our older Sharks start counting down the rounds to go and hoping for the warmer weather.  Continue Reading