President’s Message: Round 3

Hi All Sharks,

ANZAC Day Round 3!

Like the ANZAC crowds across the world, the participation and respect shown by the Sharks membership was truly remarkable. From our Colts players attending the Ringwood RSL dawn service and laying a wreath on behalf of the club, through to the game after game commitment to the team lines and ode, you should all be acknowledged. Thank you.

YJFL Grading Process!

Each year the YJFL embark on a grading process that considers last year’s results, information provided by your club at the commencement of the season and post the grading rounds, and an assessment of results during the first few games of the season.

On assessment, team’s may have moved up or down a Division. The Club has no other influence over this other than through our submissions as explained above. Each year some decisions are made by the YJFL that are questionable and rarely get changed.

This process creates difficulties and angst for the Sharks Committee each year, so can I encourage you all to familiarise yourself with the YJFL By Laws – Schedule A – via the Sharks webpage under the Policies tab AND if post the grading process you wish to raise issue please contact Kevin George – Director of Football or I, please do not contact the league.

SharKwiz – Trivia Night – Sat 30th May!

Sharkwiz 2015 is fast approaching…Saturday 30 May 2015 at Domeney Reserve! Whilst this is our primary fund raising event for the year, the SharKwiz is an informal evening and a great opportunity to get to know the families in your teams, whilst having a bit of fun.

The SharKwiz organising committee are seeking sponsorships and auction items for the SharKwiz. A flyer explaining the sponsorship opportunities available and request for any prizes/auction items that the Sharks Community are willing to donate is displayed on our webpage.

For ease in booking a new online system has been adopted. Please click here for more information and to book online now!

For information please contact Michael Newton – Events Coordinator – on mobile 0421 049 904 or via email.

We Need You On Committee!

At the end of Season 2015 a number of positions will become vacant on Committee. These vacancies will include the four primary roles – President, Director of Football, Secretary and Treasurer.

We are seeking your support now, so if you are in a position to assist can you PLEASE give me a call.
We cannot function without volunteers and without your help things will suffer or fold.


If at any stage during the season you wish to raise issue with me – positive or negative – please feel free to do so either personally or via the telephone. I delete negative emails!

Wishing you all the very best for Round 4. Please enjoy yourselves. Go Sharks!!!!

Sean Woods – President of the Sharks
Park Orchards North Ringwood Parish Junior Football Club
Phone: 0407886817