President’s Message: Round 1

Hi All Sharks,

We made it! Season 2014 is off and running!!

Round 1 has been and gone pretty much without incident. Whilst we suffered a few casualties in the injury room, I am advised that none are long term so here’s to a speedy recovery.

There were mixed results across the board, but at the end of the day we had 17 teams of our Sharks out of the ground competing. Whilst some of the margins were significant, anomalies are likely to sort themselves out post the grading period. Please rest assured that Committee are already in this area.

Round 2 – Sunday 27 April 2014 – ANZAC Round

Round 2 is the YJFL ANZAC Round with all games played across the league acknowledging the effort and sacrifice of our fallen war heroes and veterans.

As per Round 1 your Team Managers will provide you with all details relevant to your next game, and it will be through these wonderful, patient and tolerant people that I will pass on club messaging. So yes I concur, thank goodness, the email count will now drop!

In relation to game day information, please ensure that you take particular note of the short colour, ground and arrival times, as these are things that will change from week to week. Being on time will assist the team staff to ensure that things run smoothly each week.

YJFL Grading Process

Each year the YJFL embark on a grading process that considers last year’s results, information provided by each club at the commencement of the season, and an assessment of results during the first four games of the season. On assessment team’s maybe moved up or down a Division.

In the past this process has created difficulties for the Sharks Committee, so as a result I encourage you all to familiarise yourself with the YJFL By Laws – Schedule A – via the Sharks webpage under the Policies tab.


Please be advised that the club had been experiencing a supply issue with some of our Sharks merchandise, but I am told that this is now resolved in terms of the required items – socks.

The Sharks intend to review all merchandise during 2014 with the view to moving standardised these items so that they are easier to access for an extended period. If you have any input or feedback please drop me a line, I am always chasing new ideas.


If at any stage during the season you wish to raise issue with me – positive or negative – please feel free to do so either personally or via the telephone.

Wishing all the very best for Round 2. Please enjoy yourselves. Go Sharks!!!!

Sean Woods – President of the Sharks
Park Orchards North Ringwood Parish Junior Football Club
Phone: 0407886817