President’s Letter: Edition 13

Hi All Sharks,

The sun shone weakly for only moments on Sunday, but the wind was swirling all ways and made for some interesting kicking and marking. It was great to see the banner booked for milestone games.

The last home and away round coming up this week, whilst some teams will have completed their season, others will go on to finals. What an interesting time of the year for all the players and parents.

On Monday I met up with a champion team and marveled at how football skills and lessons apply in all walks of life. Our coaches have drilled us constantly on how to kick and more importantly where to kick to.

On what role we can play in a team, even when we, the player, feels it’s not proactive. Not everyone can be a full forward kicking goals. Someone has to be a stopper and reduce the flow. Or even be employed as a tagging role. A great team, is a team of players who do their role that’s expected of them. They work together as a well-oiled machine. Sometimes, we may not make the starting team but be asked to be on the bench or even the water carrier. How do we act? What emotions do we display or do we settle on a “team first” focus and be a great club person.

All the above I encountered firsthand on Monday at the funeral for my father in Mansfield. The star attraction (The Mids) was the celebrant who knew just what to do and where to be when needed. The Funeral director’s staff (full back/ forward) were in position and relied on receiving the correct pass or intercept from teammates. The welcome ushers and scones & cuppa lady (on the bench) went quietly about their business without intrusions. Boy, did everyone know where to be, what needed to be done when and how to participate no matter how minor input.

Outcome – a successful and uplifting experience in a celebrated and positive manner.

So for those boys and girls competing in finals. Listen to your coach, play your role and do the best you can do. The outcomes will follow the effort. To those players finishing up for the year, enjoy Round 14 Congratulations on doing your best. Sometimes we don’t see the lessons at the time, however they are important for next year. When we can keep a team together, the following year after a tough one is normally a successful one.

Passion & Emotion

Sunday is our last home and away round. Congratulations to all Sharks players who have participated in season 2019. Thank you for pulling the boots on each week and being part of a team environment in the “best” club in the YJFL. Wow, what a good effort to make it to a finals appearance. Levels of expectation, encouragement, support and participation seem to go up a notch. However we need to be mindful of expectations vs reality and how we support our players without being tagged as “one of those parents” in weeks ahead.

Auskick Wrap up – Saturday 3rd

Thanks to our coordinators and all the parents for helping out during the season. I hope all our young Auskickers have enjoyed learning new skills during each Saturday. Our final clinic was on the 3rd of August, with a BBQ put on for the players by the committee, Club Captains and senior players. Thanks to all, and see the progressing players in U8’s next year.

Lost Property

During the year we have collected various items of clothing, jackets and even football boots. These will be on display in the room near the bar for your attendance on Presentation Day.


Congratulations to all our milestone players over the last few weeks. The banners have been booked solid for 50, 100 and even 150 games milestones for quite a few players. This is a great indication of the family atmosphere our club offers whilst receiving loyalty from our players. Well done to all players who will receive their medals and trophies.


Our final burger night (prior to the 15th September AGM – Presentation Day) is CANCELLED for Sunday.  Of course, the giant slide, raffle and plenty of food will be available now on our Presentation Day – Sunday September 15th.


Please note that our annual survey will be sent out at the completion of the Home and Away season. We kindly ask all families to take a couple of minutes to respond and return electronically. This will help the committee in determining and considering directions for the club during the 2020 season. Thankyou in advance for your assistance and helping to make a difference for our great club. Whilst our membership enjoy the Off season, your committee will be hard at work planning for next year.

PRESENTATION DAY – Sunday 15th September 2019

The Sharks will again hold a Presentation Day at Domeney Reserve.  As per last season, the day will be split into sessions with the Annual General Meeting occurring at the midway point. There will be activities for the younger members including jumping castles, BBQ’s with bacon and eggs on in the morning to sausages and burgers for lunch.

Please arrive 10min early for your designated session.

The timings are as follows:

Under 8, 9, 10                                                              9:45am to 10:15am
Tim MacLennan Medals
Under 11, 12, 13 Boys & Girls                            10:30am to 11:15am
AGM                                                                                  11:30am
Under 14, 15, 16 (Boys & Girls), & Colts      11:45am to 1:00pm
(please be in attendance of the AGM prior)
Life Members
Club Person of the Year

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – Sunday 15th September 2019

The Park Orchards North Ringwood Annual General Meeting will be held at 11:30am on Sunday 15th September 2019 at Domeney Reserve, coinciding with the interval of our Presentation Day.

This meeting will discuss such items as the year’s football and financial performance and it is hoped that we will also identify and vote in any new committee members.  Any member wishing to agenda items for discussion must do so 14 days prior to the meeting.

Each member eligible (via their child’s membership) to vote is entitled to appoint another member who is eligible to vote as a proxy by notice given to the Secretary no later than 48 hours before the timing of the meeting.  Proxy forms are available on request via the Club President or Secretary.  


Round 14 this weekend the 11th of August If at any stage you have any queries, then please don’t hesitate to contact myself.

Go Sharks!!

Ritchie Appleby
President, Sharks JFC
0408 367 444