President’s Letter

President’s Letter: Round 9 2021

Hi all Sharks!

Folks, please indulge me and read all of this message, as it covers lockdown and a number of key dates moving forward.

Welcome Sharks family, what a fantastic winters day we had Sunday.  A weak sunshine broke through for most of the late morning through till around 4.00pm.  I enjoyed watching a number of games whilst being lulled into a false sense of security regarding the weather.  The last term commenced around 4.20pm with clouds gathering and within 10 minutes the last of the light disappeared.  The poor players needed head lamps to try and locate the ball.

I observed some wonderful football matches over the weekend. They were close, tough encounters whilst played in good spirit. It’s amazing how the game of football can teach many of life’s lessons. Caring for your team mates, participating in a team environment, respecting our opposition through to following the rules. Society is no different, participation, looking out for others, obeying regulations and displaying respect.

What a fantastic year our teams are having. Whilst our club focuses on participation, fun and improving the children’s skills, all players know where their teams sit on the ladder. Nine rounds in (with Round 7 & 8 rescheduled) only 7 home and away matches left, the competitive juices are flowing. Out of a potential 14 teams (U11’s upwards) playing for points, we currently have two teams in the top two. There are currently 6 teams in the top 4 with 3 others knocking on the door. Our Colts team sit fourth and our Youth Girls teams sit third – Players, mums and Dads, enjoy the ride and I hope you get the chance to experience finals. Well done to all players to date. To the Under 14B and Under 11R teams, keep your heads up, I know it’s sometimes difficult, but lessons learnt from this year will help to improve us all next year.

Season Dates

Recently I have heard a few conflicting comments regarding when various rounds fall and what Sundays we have off. Please consult the “Events and Calendar” on our Sharks website to bring yourself up to date. The latest lockdown has seen round 7 and Round 8 rescheduled and relocated to the following dates:

  • June 27 Round 8 (rescheduled) to first week of School Holidays
  • July 4 NO GAMES – Middle week of School Holidays
  • Jul 11 – Aug 8 Rounds 10-14
  • August 15 Round 7 (rescheduled)

This will be followed by 3 weeks of finals culminating on Sunday 5th September. Our end of season Presentation Day will be extended by one week and will now be on Sunday 19th September.

Sponsor of the Round

Thank you to the Warrandyte branch of the Bendigo Bank for their fabulous support of the Sharks.  Every year they support our club with thousands of dollars of sponsorship and grants.  If you’re needing a loan or just want to compare rates, then please drop in or give them a call.  With the current Reserve Bank rates, it may be a great time to make contact.

Sponsors Recap

Over the first six rounds we have introduced a few of our Sponsors of the Round.  Please, these people have put their hard-earned dollars into helping our club run each week.  I implore all our Sharks families to try to acknowledge our sponsors when possibly needing a similar service.

Not for Profit, every $ back into the community! Club Ringwood is open for business. The Bistro, Lounge, Sports Bar and The Deck are all inviting you down from 9.00am daily. Go to to drool over our scrumptious menus and offerings. Bookings Essential, call 9879 8733 or book online. See you there! 

If you’re needing a new or used family car, people mover or ute then consider Darren Paul and his team at Ringwood Mazda.  Let them know your part of the Sharks family and ask for a great deal.

Warran Glen Nursery, their café and gifts are waiting for your visit this weekend.  Take time to check out their great giftware and clothing offerings, wander through all the exotic plants that would be ideal in rejuvenating your front yard and then enjoy a relaxing cuppa.  The Taylor family are looking forward to welcoming you and assisting in your needs.

Resi Venturers will be available to assist in your asset growth with some great townhouse offerings.  If you’re ready to add to your property portfolio, then with historically low interest rates and increasing rents, now is the time to act.  Please give me a call personally and I’d be happy to help. 

Appleby Real Estate, with the pace of capital gains across Australian housing markets at record levels and National growth rate in the first quarter being the fastest since 1988, there is no better time to invest. Whether you are buying, selling or renting, Appleby is here to help! Specialising in Residential, Commercial/Industrial and Property Management, call today on 8727 9555 or email for complete property services. You can also visit to view current listings for sale and for lease.

Team Photos

Please note:  Due to the latest lockdown, the date has changed. We are endeavouring to lock in a new date, anticipated to be in late July. The photos will need a $5.00 contribution from each player towards defraying what it costs the club. This year the actual cost is nearly 4 times this amount. Your Team Managers will start collecting your contribution once dates are confirmed.


At the end of Season 2021, several positions will become vacant on Committee. These roles are a mixture of Executive, Non-Executive and Off-Committee roles and they include:

  • President
  • Director of Football
  • Events Manager
  • Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

Whilst these opportunities are open to all parents, I’d love to see the next age bracket, our parents of U11’s, U12’s and U13’s take the opportunity of being able to grow into the roles. We are NOW seeking your support, so if you’re in a position to assist, please contact me.


If at any stage, you have any queries then please don’t hesitate to contact myself. Please TEXT ME to organise a time to chat or meet up. 

Go Sharks!!

Ritchie Appleby
President, Sharks JFC
0408 367 444

President’s Letter: Round 6 2021

Welcome all our Sharks parents, in particular this week. The welcome comes with a huge THANK YOU. Why? Well Round 6 incorporated National Volunteers Week. To see parents every week accepting the various roles they must play in their children’s’ sport is fantastic. I know it gets a bit hard having a to stand as goal umpire in the pouring winter rain or feel as if we back up almost every second week to fulfill a role, but that’s the sacrifice we make. I must admit, on those wet days, how great it was to be the timekeeper and keep nice and dry.

Without our Team Managers coordinating each week’s roster for parents the games couldn’t go on. So, as a big thanks, our local ‘Blue Dog’ Café offered a voucher to all our TM’s this week, including the away team TM’s at Domeney and Stintons. Now that’s a great show of generosity and community spirit. A true reflection of our club’s ethos and how we integrate into our local community.

Whilst our parents quietly go about their business each week our young men and women turned it on match day this week. Our Sharks players turned up in mass to compete with gusto, full effort and heart. Many battles were played out on the day with more wins than losses. As said, there were some close results, a few big wins and some honourable losses. The beauty of football is that we quickly refocus and look to the next week.

It’s hard to believe that next week (Round 7) is effectively the halfway mark for the season. Normally around the midseason mark and approaching school holidays, we hold one of our ‘Burger Nights’. Unfortunately, due to Covid protocols and also the rooms at Domeney being refurbished, this will not happen. Hopefully later in the season we shall be able to successfully have a club get together.

Apart from the opportunity of our community coming together and being able to openly socialise, it’s a great time to acknowledge various achievements. In particular, our young players who have reached 50 or 100 games played. We also recognise our 150 game milestones; however, these are formally acknowledged at the end of season presentation.

Rhonan Appleby celebrating 150 Games

On a personal note, three of my sons have all achieved 100 games for the Sharks. Yet on Sunday, my youngest Rhonan, celebrated running through his banner for 150 GAMES! This makes him the 57th Sharks player to notch up all his games played at our wonderful club. Well done and congratulations Rhoey.

Sponsor of the Round

Blue Dog Café located on Park Road are this week’s sponsor. If you’ve not been before or haven’t been for a while, then do yourself a favour and visit soon! The folks are friendly, the atmosphere is warm, and the food is fantastic. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, check out the ‘Specials’ as the taste sensations created are out of this world. Thank you, Blue Dog, for providing our Team Managers with vouchers for National Volunteer Week. The team at Blue Dog have my tick of approval, keep up the great efforts in producing your yummy winter warmers.

Queen’s Birthday

Please note that Sunday 13th June there are no games scheduled on this weekend. PARENTS, please enjoy a sleep in. SHARKS PLAYERS what a great opportunity to help out around your home. Remember, Mum and/or Dad transport you to training and matches each week, remind you if you’ve got everything and have jumpers and shorts clean to wear. So, as a thank you all players could maybe just do a bit more to help out – from washing dishes, to vacuuming, to cleaning up your room – oh the list goes on!

Team Photos

Please be aware that Team Photos will be taken on Friday the 18th and Sunday the 20th June


Looking forward to Round 7 for our Juniors. If at any stage, you have any queries then please don’t hesitate to contact myself via text or catch up in person.

Go Sharks!!

Ritchie Appleby
President, Sharks JFC
0408 367 444

President’s Letter: Round 5 2021

Great to see the teams settling down for their first week of games since grading concluded. As mentioned last week, grading can be a difficult time as scores comprehensively vary from very high to very low. Grading does work for most teams. I was really proud and pleased to see some competitive results this week. Fantastic to see one of our teams get their first win for the year! Our club policy is to get kids onto the park and being able to enjoy playing football with their teammates, whatever their level of talent, being part of a team and contributing is really what’s most important.

Our committee meet monthly to discuss how the season is going, rules that need to be addressed and how we can assess our club in the big picture. What we have in place and how we go about it may not always ring true. Advancements in technology and processes and new opportunities must always be considered.

We are always looking at how our club is progressing and what areas need to be examined. I love this Club and the committee involved in being able to accept challenges and see the excitement of turning dreams into reality, worries into problems and then solutions. Whilst decisions are based on history, knowledge and policy, we are trying to be proactive rather than reactive going forward.

Therefore, from time to time, we will challenge various parts of policy and what we do to see if we can improve areas within our Club. At the end of the day, it is about our players enjoying the game of football, bonding with teammates and being part of a healthy environment.

Code of Conduct

On a serious note, it was disappointing that we have heard of a couple of incidents from the round. We need to reiterate that all families (and especially players) make themselves acquainted with understanding the ‘Code of Conduct’.

The YJFL has made contact with us regarding the conduct of match day officials and in particular comments that are made from the Coaches’ box. A reminder that only four people can be in the box: Coach, Assistant, Runner and Trainer.

These four people must display exemplary behaviour and never vocally criticise Umpires. I know footy is passionate, but please let’s show other clubs how we at the Sharks are a ‘Good Sports Club’. This year we have now obtained our level 3 accreditation.

Conversely, we need all parents to please understand that our Coaches are doing their absolute best for players and teams each week. If for whatever reason you have questions regarding the position of a player or their role within the team, please approach your child’s coach outside match day and ask accordingly. There is no need to create dissention or create ‘Chinese Whispers’.

We need all teams united and working hard for each other out on the field. Parents questioning their children in a negative manner is not a good look. Fortunately, the vast majority of our membership are supportive and offer encouragement, thank you.

The league this week suspended and/or put on notice a number of coaches from other clubs. These people know better, yet unfortunately some umpires were targeted with abuse and threats including in the U10/U11’s. This will not be tolerated, let alone that most of these umpires are young kids themselves.

Our Umpires Academy

Opportunity to join our Umpires Academy is now open and your expressions of interest are invited. We currently have 5 new recruits aged 13 to 17 years that train on a Tuesday night from 6-7pm at Colman Park in Warranwood. 

Did you know you could be earning from $40-$100 per game? What a fantastic opportunity to further your game, enhance personal development, learn new skills and maintain fitness levels whilst earning some pocket money too! Contact Nina or myself for more information.

Sponsor of the Round

ResiVentures is a Gold sponsor of the Sharks and a long-standing Sharks family member. Predominantly they are land sub-dividers and developers of medium density townhouses. With the lockdowns of 2020 now behind us and scarcity in the property market, now is a great time to invest. To see their various land estates, please visit 

The ResiVenture team are offering fantastic property investment opportunities at a fantastic price for Sharks families who may be interested. Give them a call via Anthony Braunthal or contact me personally if you would like to discuss further. Invest now and cash in for the future.


Looking forward to Round 6 for our Juniors. If at any stage you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact myself.

Go Sharks!!

Ritchie Appleby
President, Sharks JFC
0408 367 444

President’s Letter: Round 4 2021

Hi All Sharks

Round 5 

What a fantastic family atmosphere that prevailed across all the Sharks teams this weekend. It was pleasing to see so many Mums out and about on Sunday with their various charges. Thank you to all the Team Managers who assured Mum received a gift from their children after their games. Well done one and all. The support for Breast Cancer was at many different venues this year. Again, we appreciate all those who gave on the day and a heartfelt thanks to our volunteers for organising events at our end. It really goes to show our community is a tightknit group of families. I’m humbled by your coordination, generosity and involvement. 

Keep up the good work!                                                   

The YJFL Grading for 2021 has now reached its conclusion. We will know the positioning of teams that have made a request to change divisions within the next 24 hours. Once this knowledge is at hand we shall inform all team managers to pass on to their respective teams.

Congratulations to the teams who have performed well during this process. Also, congratulations to the teams who have tried hard but have been outclassed due to being in the wrong division. Your commitment to complete each week and play for your teammates is exemplary. Your coaches have tried their best and look forward to a more balanced season ahead.

The YJFL follow their policies and agendas during this period and it’s always difficult when there are blowouts in scores. Ah by golly I’m glad grading is now complete and we look forward to a more competitive season ahead.

Sometimes football reflects life in teaching us various lessons and how we, as a collective, deal with them even if not fully understanding why? Loyalty to team mates, allowing ‘process’ to playout, discipline, being able to communicate clearly and trusting are just a few. At the end of the day, we play sport to increase our skills, create fellowship and enjoy a win when we can. 

Bring on Season 2021 in its true format and may all of our players enjoy being on the park each week representing the Sharks Junior Football Club.

Sponsor of the Round

Thank you to Warran Glen Garden Centre and Café for their generous sponsorship of Mothers’ Day. Warran Glen kindly donated over 40 vouchers that 2 mums in every team won. Congratulations mums, enjoy your time wandering the wonderful setup and maybe enjoy a well-deserved cuppa at the conclusion of your visit. The Taylor family look forward to saying “Hi” to all the Sharks family when they make a visit, so call in, open 7 days a week.

Social Media

From time to time we have had a few problems with comments made by players and parents on social media. Please may I ask all Sharks members to focus on positive comments via this platform? On our website under ‘Club Policies’ you will find policy regarding ‘Social Media’, ‘Bullying’ etc.

Anyone suspected of engaging in unacceptable use of these outlets can and will be dealt with by the Club and the YJFL. Our committee encourages everyone to enjoy the junior sport that their children are involved in.

Queen’s Birthday

Please note that Sunday 13th June we have no games scheduled for the weekend. PARENTS please enjoy a sleep in. SHARKS PLAYERS what a great opportunity to help out around the home. Remember Mum and/or Dad transport you to training and matches each week, remind you if you’ve got everything and have jumpers and shorts clean to wear. So, as a thank you all players could maybe just do a bit more to help out – from washing dishes, to vacuuming, to cleaning up their room – oh the list goes on!! The following weekend (20th) all is as per normal. This Round we celebrate “The Big Freeze” for MND. 


Looking forward to Round 5 for our juniors. If at any stage you have any queries then please don’t hesitate to contact myself. Go Sharks!!

Ritchie Appleby
President, Sharks JFC
0408 367 444

President’s Letter: Round 3 2021

Hi all Sharks,

The first few rounds of every season are a little unsettled. The Veterans in the club understand this. To our new families, all will settle down in the next week or two.

This Sunday is sponsored by Warran Glen Nursery and Café

The YJFL grading process is being applied – results are all over the shop.

Coaches are trying to work through their lists to ensure everyone is getting a go.

Team Managers are working through the administration processes required around game day. Wow, these folks do heaps to keep our kids on the park.

The canteen manager is trying to work out how to calculate appropriately the desired levels of food and drinks that should be ordered for each week.

With sponsorship we need all to make a difference in our great club with monetary pledges of support. This year we have barely reached our starting target, however, if you are able to help, please contact myself and make a difference.

Committee are continually bombarding everyone with the information necessary to ensure your child gets a game of football each week & the club runs correctly. 

And on it goes… 

Thanks go to our Committee members in attendance each week, for their assistance and help. They have been up early working with TM’s & crews in setting up our grounds at Domeney and Stintons for each match day and pack up procedures. Hopefully, all teams now know the requirements. If at any time you’re not sure please call us to help you out. I would rather know match day than 9pm at night.

For the majority of our membership, your calm will be restored by round five or six once the season’s fixture is sent out by the YJFL and thus we can all get on with enjoying the season and watching our children play.

Mother’s Day – Sponsored by Warran Glen Nursery and Café

This Sunday is MOTHER’S DAY Round 5 – Reminder to all Dads & Players!

Sharks Pink Ribbon Day is a fund raising event for the Breast Cancer Foundation. We are continuing with this Tradition of Fund raising for such a worthy and important cause again this year. I am sure many of us have been/or are affected by a person close to us who has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

The Sharks Committee fully support the initiative and ask that all Team Managers circulate an email amongst the playing groups advising all of Sharks Pink Ribbon Day this weekend. We request that each player please bring a Gold coin donation to the game (home & away) as we strive to raise money and beat 2019’s amount. We would like to raise as much as possible for the Breast Cancer Foundation on this year’s Mother’s Day Weekend – Sunday 9th May 2021.

Two Mum’s from each, (including Auskick), will win prizes donated by Warran Glen, our Sponsor of the Round. Also remember Club Ringwood are offering a High Tea on the Saturday beforehand.

Pink buckets will be placed at the Canteen or coffee trucks to help with these and further collections.

Code of Conduct – Match Day

Thank you our Sharks parents who have abided with exemplary behaviour over the first few rounds. Your support has been enthusiastic whilst being controlled in cheering on the players.

Let us keep it that way please & set an example for other clubs to follow.

Unfortunately, there are times when parental behaviour does not abide by the Code of Conduct that we all sign at the beginning of the year. I know we all get passionate at times, but please remember there are young ears listening in to what we say.

If you notice any inappropriate behaviour, please inform your team Manager immediately. This will allow us to address the behaviour and ensure the safety & welfare of all players on the ground.


A couple of Sharks players have suffered a variety of injuries up to this point of the season, so it’s timely to let you all know that we are insured. The YJFL has an injury insurance policy through JLT Insurance that provides not only players but also parents/helpers etc… An information sheet is available on our website. If you require further information please give us a call.

YJFL Grading Process

The process has one more week to go. Coaches wishing to make recommendations need to lodge with our Y.J.F.L. Director immediately. If you have any questions regarding the above, then please call Damian.


If you require any garments, socks etc. please go online and order it. Nina and her team will make sure it’s available in the quickest time available.


During the season if you wish to raise any queries then please catch up with me in person or give me a call.

Wishing everyone all the very best for Round 4. I wish the lucky Mum’s all the best with their selections at Warran Glen. Enjoy Mother’s Day.

Go Sharks!!

Ritchie Appleby
President, Sharks JFC
0408 367 444

President’s Letter: Round 2 2021

Ringwood Clocktower at Dawn

A brilliant ANZAC Day; respect, remembrance, traditions upheld and our children running around enjoying mateship – perfect.

Thank you to all the parents and helpers for fulfilling their roles to allow our children to get out on the ground each week. Special thanks to committee members in assisting with ground setup/pack-up and of course chasing up the keys for the Umps Portable to then realize they weren’t needed! Ohh well, always something to keep us on our toes.

We had some close competitive games, huge wins and absolute blow out defeats. All can hold their heads high as they tried their best. Please remember, it is grading and this will continue for two more week as the YJFL try to correctly place teams.

From U8’s upwards, new club members & final year players, I’m very proud of you all and how, on behalf of your Club, you’ve conducted yourselves over this round. The passion of the first two rounds has been fantastic whilst displayed in a controlled manner.

Also, thanks to all parents for their involvement, encouragement & support while barracking in a respected and enthusiastic manner during all games. It really is appreciated.

Lachie, Jorja, and James at the Dawn Service

It was marvellous to see all our teams show respect for this ANZAC Round. To see the unity of our teams, arm in arm during the reading of the ANZAC Ode and the minute’s silence was easily taken in their stride. To show support in memory of those who gave their lives so that we could partake freely in the past-times we enjoy, such as football, was a true show of unity and strength by our club.

Thank you young and old, players, parents and support for being a part of this day of remembrance.

On this note, I was very proud of our older boys and girls who attended with many parents at the Dawn Service. To see in excess of 40 + players in their club jackets at the clock tower in Ringwood was a great response. Yes it was a bit chilly in the morning, however the spirit and respect from our players was commendable. To uphold the ‘Tradition’ of the club’s membership from previous years’ attendance was exemplary. Then a get together at McDonalds with lots of laughter and stories (before a quick nap on the couch) and attendance at Stintons and Domeney to observe matches in a “weak” but beautiful sunshine.

Wreath laid at ANZAC Day Dawn Service

In last week’s Shark Attack we welcomed our Captains for Season 2021. On Sunday, our three Captains laid a wreath on behalf of the Sharks at the Dawn Service.

Thank you Lachie, Jorja and James.

The Shark Attack is a great medium for all to be kept up to date about the teams and what is happening around the club. Please view it each week via “Team App” or on the Sharks Website. Everyone would have noted blank spaces at the top of each team beside the Coaches photos. These blank rectangle areas need filling with members from each team in sponsorship. We need you now to come on board. To invest in each space is only $500 for the year.

Weekly Sponsor

Club Ringwood and Club Kilsyth are hosting “High Tea” for families on the Saturday 8th May, prior to Mother’s Day. A great opportunity to get together the day before in a relaxed manner rather than rushing around everywhere on Sunday. See flyer attached. Bookings from 11.30am till 2pm, with departure by 4pm

Over the next month, every player will be receiving a special offer for discount meals and drinks, watch out for your families special offering by the Club. A great family Bistro that caters to all tastes, food and dietary requirements.

Mother’s Day – Round 4

Our annual Breast Cancer Awareness Fund Raiser occurs on Mother’s Day. Started by one of our mums a few years ago, we are seeking a gold coin donation on the day from all players and parents. All Team Managers (at Home or playing Away) will collect donations. One of our main Gold Sponsors “Warran Glen Centre‘ are kindly donating prizes for the day. These will be drawn from the total membership base.


Please remember our players are our greatest recruitment advertisement, so if you know someone who wants to come and train and give it a go; then encourage them to come along.

Next year there will be some movements within the committee, please consider if you could help our great club by getting involved. It really is a wonderful opportunity to be part of our close-knit group to help guide the club into future years. To make the transition easier, we will be seeking out individuals to shadow current members during the year.

As always, happy to take calls or meet up face-to-face if you have any queries. 
Wishing all the best for Round 3. Enjoy and go Sharks!!

Ritchie Appleby
President, Sharks JFC
0408 367 444

President’s Letter: Round 1 2021

Hi All Sharks

How fantastic it was on Sunday, to see all our young chargers out on the field enjoying the occasion, team mates, and actually participating.

The planning to get the season underway has been occurring for the last five months. Thank you to all the folks involved in volunteering to get our Club to this point.

It was with pleasure to see so many familiar faces during the day on Sunday. The committee were out in force assisting teams in preparation and the ladies in the Canteen at Stintons had food hot and ready to go. It was great to see experienced Volunteers giving a helping hand to our new members, especially novice Coaches and Team Managers.
Thank you and well done one and all – a true family involvement! Fantastic to see we are fielding 20 teams this season. More opportunity for game time for all.

Grading Process

There was a real mixed bag of results from Round 1.

Each year the YJFL embark on a Grading process over the first four rounds. They consider last year’s results, info provided by your club prior to the season & post the grading rounds and an assessment of results during the first four games.

In the past from time to time this has created some difficulty for committee, so as a result we please ask you familiarise yourself with YJFL Bylaws – Schedule A – via the Website.

Club Captains

Congratulations to all the upper age players who applied for this Distinguished position. Due to the quality of applications received, interviews conducted, club policy & age, we were left with a daunting decision to make. It was a very close call on all applicants.

Well done to Lachlan Jury as Club Captain & James Mason and Jorja Livingstone as Vice Captains.

Every application received showed great maturity & leadership. Watch out for our Colts and Youth this year, they are a great bunch of young people.

Sponsorship – Name Sponsors

Whilst our club is built on volunteers, we need everyone’s input in securing various sponsorship deals. Their contributions allow us to keep fees at a reduced level whilst assisting in our operating costs. Please contact if you can help in any way at Team sponsors are filling fast, time to act is NOW!


The Sharks are looked upon with envy by other clubs over how our Parents conduct themselves at matches; let’s please keep it that way. I know we are all very passionate towards barracking for our children, please make sure it’s in a positive manner. Umpires are there to help the game flow. Remember they are only human and at times can make mistakes, please show positive support & watch swearing.

Round 2 ANZAC Round

Our Colts/Youth Girls and other players / parents will be in attendance at Sunday’s dawn service at the Clock Tower in Ringwood. On behalf of the club, if you are coming along to show your respects, please come in your Sharks jackets.

This Sunday all matches will be proceeded by the reading of “The Ode”. Please show our respects prior to the matches with a minute’s silence.


If at any stage during the season you wish to raise any issues then contact me directly, please feel free to do so either personally or on the phone

Wishing all the Teams the best for next week and the season ahead.

Go Sharks!!

Ritchie Appleby
President, Sharks JFC
0408 367 444

President’s Letter: Season 2020 Cancellation

Hi All Sharks,

Thank you for your support, patience and assistance during this on and off season of 2020. With the YJFL officially cancelling the season on the 7th August, we have been involved in numerous meetings since. Last Tuesday’s Presidents and Secretary meeting focused on the League’s accountability of expenses incurred during the year and potential reimbursement / credit amounts. The League have undertaken to extend the insurance coverage for Players until the end of the year in case any members are able to enjoy “pre-season” training prior to Christmas. Subject to Government, the Heath Department and Council restrictions.
We will have final calculations from the League of refund or credit amounts within the next 14 days. At this time we shall revert to all, the moment we know.

Thank you for your understanding and backing during this process. On behalf of our Committee, a massive thank you to all our Club Members, Officials, Players, Volunteers, Family members and Sponsors for your hard work and diligence in coming to grips with this most unusual year. Whilst having spoken of the word “UNKNOWN” during the last six months, “inconvenience” must also now be added. It has been the most challenging of years for our Committee, Coaches and Support Crews. Thanks for your hard work, flexibility, resilience and unswerving commitment.

Coaches and Team Managers will be in touch regarding jumpers and equipment once restrictions are lifted. Our Committee will be in contact regarding further news, details on the commencement of social and change rooms upgrade. Our Annual General Meeting date for October will be confirmed late September.

Please note, registrations for Season 2021 open November 1st.

We look forward to our boys and girls having football as a part of their life again next year.

Go Sharks!!

Ritchie Appleby
President, Sharks JFC
0408 367 444

President’s Letter: Pre-Season 2020

Hi All Sharks,

It has certainly been a crazy few months. Maybe it’s time to start taking stock and dare to be honest with ourselves.

I’m a gregarious, social, extravert who enjoys being in control and enjoying set routines. The last eight weeks have been extremely challenging. When beset by not knowing what is coming, times of anxiousness, wanting to hide from the world through to being dragged along to complete various work routines. Our biggest enemy has been that word “unknown.” To a degree it still applies. We can only judge our future on reference of yesterday’s lifestyle whilst experiencing the today of life. Luckily, I’ve been supported by a wonderful family whilst also enjoying calls from close friends. Yes, we have laughed, grown closer as a family but also blown up at one another and said some hurtful things at times to get a response. None of us want to blame ourselves, so when control is dictated to us, we can say some nasty things to those we love. However; time heals, the sun rises and the ability to forgive and “band together” is uniquely being human. I have been riding this roller coaster as I’m sure many others in our community have experienced during this pandemic. I’ll admit at times I’ve been scared about what might happen; I could be infected, how will we survive on a financial level. My exercise routines have gone out the window, my alcohol consumption (and smokes) have risen alarmingly during my enforced isolation.

I feel like I’ve been walking slowly through a heavy fog. Unfortunately, my focus has been more about me, the world revolving around me. It needs to change to whereby I play my role “within the world.” I need to reconnect with my community and see how others are being impacted. So last week I gave myself a kick up the backside, stared into my eyes in the mirror and made a commitment to me. As the Government have commenced to cautiously wind back restrictions and shine a light of hope, I’ve embraced the opportunity to get back to being who I was. My transformation through the chrysalis has been put into action. I am slowly emerging.

In the last 10 days, I’ve commenced back with a remedial therapist, exercise consultant, personal trainer and reshaped alcohol consumption and started a diet. My challenge to our Sharks Family and community is to join me. Now is the time to shake off any areas negative within our lifestyle and emerge into a bright new world focusing on improvement.

Let’s pledge to ourselves a positive enhancement of activity just to get the ball rolling. It could be a simple as “not so many biscuits or cake,” “focusing on a smile not a frown,” to “informing one person per day of a positive affirmation.” It’s time to embrace a new beginning and placing one foot forward into the direction we want to go. We need to be kind to ourselves so we can be kind to others. Forget self-interest and focus on best interest. It’s out duty of care and it’s fulfilling to have a positive impact on someone else’s life. Let’s empathise with others whilst empowering them to be the best person they can be.

Our Committee are so proud of our community who have been supportive, shown resilience, thought of others and observed Government guidelines. Football is back on the agenda and resumption of training may commence within the next 2-4 weeks where we can have only 10 on the oval with no contact. We aren’t allowed on the oval just yet. In 4-6 weeks’ time, we should see us at full contact and fielding full teams.

At Home Football Program

The Sharks have launched (at the Club’s cost) the At Home Football Program. Approximately, 100 families have joined up and are enjoying the weekly skills activities. Remember, no cost to you and a chance for the kids to get outdoors. Please, if you are not yet involved join up and take advantage of this opportunity. Click here to register to your details.

Domeney Refurbishment

Finally, the planets are close to aligning and we are one step away from agreement. At this stage, works will begin on new change rooms / social space late July, early August 2020.

Committee Positions

There will be a need for some new faces in 2021. Fortunately, all positions have full role descriptions and templates created to assist new members comprehend and fulfil their role. We need to find candidates for Secretary, Registrar, Football Coordinator and Conduct Officer. It’s a wonderful experience and I’m happy to discuss any role at any time. Please call me on 0408 367 444.

COVID-19 Training Course.

We are asking for all volunteers to complete this online training course over the next few weeks. Thanks

Whilst most of us are working from home and home schooling our kids it is now more than ever, we need to keep up self-care and get our bodies moving. The team at Hopetoun Natural Therapies share some simple stretches for you to do at home with the kids. 

As always, I’m happy to receive your thoughts and queries, hopefully we are all back out on the park in late July enjoying Round 1.

Go Sharks!!

Ritchie Appleby
President, Sharks JFC
0408 367 444

President’s Letter: Grand Finals

Season 2019, our 50th year celebration as a club, is now officially concluded!

Combined Auskick, Youth Girls and Boys membership was close to 550 attendees. Twenty one teams were fielded with 16 who played for points, 9 teams made finals with 4 teams progressing to a Grand Final appearance. On the day three teams were victorious as Grand Final Premiers. However, I think the hardest part was the after game celebrations and after parties. Oh boy, were emotions and adrenalin running sky high! I couldn’t believe the numbers in attendance back at Domeney afterwards, the combination of players from the junior and senior clubs celebrating the season was extraordinary.

Personally, I was emotionally wrung out after playing every position, kicking/hand passing every ball and running to every intercept during the matches. I feel black and blue from today from all the bumps received. I’m drained and am ready to sleep for a hundred nights to recharge batteries.

There again, so are probably another 150 or 160 proud Parents from today’s Grand Finals. At the mention of the word “Grand Final,” I start to tingle and feel alive again. Thank you to all our Players and Parents of our Grand Finalists for a truly memorable day. You played so well and put everything on the line, hence why we feel we’ve been on a number of roller coasters.

Congratulations to OUR SHARKS Premiership teams of the U15 Red, the U16 Youth Girls, and Colts Red. Commiserations to our U12 girls who played hard but were overrun by their opposition. Personally, a win/win for me. I had two sons toast victory in the U15’s and one Colts for the first time.

However, today I also felt as if I had an additional 42 sons and 38 daughters in total playing. I am so proud of you all in how you played, your passion and your conduct. The U15’s applied pressure and kicked 4 goals in the opening quarter then defended diligently, whilst continually attacking to run out 42 point winners. It helped by kicking a couple of goals in the final quarter and limiting the opposition to no score. The Colts showed their class from the get go and ran out comfortable winners. Every single player contributed and it was a true team effort with a 35 point win. This effort on the scoreboard was built upon quarter by quarter. Enjoy the win and I look forward to seeing most of you next year.

Our U16, Youth Girls, playing their 1st season in Division one was a most pleasing win. Kew had won the flag for the past 3 or 4 years. They are a well drilled team with confidence to match their skills. However, our girls applied themselves to their match plan and played to the best of their ability for a solid if at times scrappy win. By putting two goals on the board early, they threw down the gauntlet to Kew. The pressure was intense, the Coaches handled the day magnificently and encouraged their charges to keep applying force. Eventually, a wonderful result, whereby Kew were kept goalless and a score of 2.7.19 to 0.5.5 saw our girls Grand Final Premiers. You little beauty, well done one and all. All three Premiership teams celebrated with unbridled passion, enthusiasm, plenty of smiles and laughter.

Personally, on behalf of the committee, we would like to thank all the Sharks family who come out to support the teams. Our Community is a tight one and to see so many with Red, Black & White supporting was really encouraging. Also, thanks to all Parents who supported so passionately yet in a controlled manner. Well done and thank you to all participants. Thanks also go to our Seniors Ambassadors and past players and Committee for their attendance as well.

Well done to our Coaches, Team Managers and Parents who played a supporting role. Without your efforts, our kids couldn’t get onto the park each week, well done one and all. I must admit, I have so much to tell all our membership regarding Season 2019. However, I’ll keep it for our Presentation / AGM Report to be released on the 15th September.

Annual General Meeting – Sunday 15th September

The Park Orchards North Ringwood Annual General Meeting will be held at 11:30am on Sunday 15 September 2019 at Domeney Reserve, coinciding with the interval of our Presentation Day.

This meeting will discuss such items as the year’s football and financial performance and it is hoped that we will also identify and vote in any new committee members. Any member wishing to agenda items for discussion must do so 14 days prior to the meeting.

Each member via their child’s membership is eligible to vote and entitled to appoint another member who is eligible to vote as a proxy by notice given to the Secretary no later than 48 hours before the timing of the meeting. Proxy forms are available on request via the Club President or Secretary.

Presentation Day – Sunday 15th September

The Sharks will again hold a Presentation Day at Domeney Reserve. As per last season, the day will be split into sessions with the Annual General Meeting occurring at the midway point. Please arrive early for your designated session.

Under 8, 9, 10                                                              9:45am to 10:15am
Under 11, 12, 13 Boys & Girls                            10:30am to 11:15am
AGM                                                                                  11:30am
Under 14, 15, 16 (Boys & Girls), & Colts      11:45am to 1:00pm
– Tim MacLennan Medals
– Life members
– Club man/woman of the year
– Medals/trophies
– Milestone Awards
– Colts Recognition

Seniors P.O.F.N.C

The seniors play this Saturday at Tormore Reserve Boronia at 2:10pm. They play Croydon for a place in the Grand Final along with the U19’s & Reserves who have already qualified. We wish them all the best and encourage the junior club to get along and support them.

If you wish to contact me, please give me a call.

Go Sharks!!

Ritchie Appleby
President, Sharks JFC
0408 367 444