President’s Letter: Edition 1

Hi All Sharks


The season is up and running, hopefully smoother for most of our coaches & teams than we could have imagined.

The planning to get the season underway has been occurring since October last year. Thank you to all involved in volunteering to get our Club to this point. Whilst a few teams are tight for numbers, every boy and girl is guaranteed maximum game time this season. We still encourage you to bring a friend to training and let’s see if they can become a Shark.


The help and input these folks have undertaken leading into the season has been huge. From the high octane output of Nina Foxwell to the quiet assurance of Secretary Andrew Mortlock – it’s all come together. Thanks and further introductions to Treasurer Heath Lee, Coaches Co-ordinator Dean Prest, Football Operations Mick Choveaux and Kevin George. Recruitment & U8s & 9s Assistance Michael James, Youth Girls Co-ordinator Nikki Morcom, YJFL Director and Football Department Damien Noonan. Huge effort from our Registrar – Sarah Coffey to have all the info lodged for every child. Thanks to our Sponsor Guru Sue Smith, Canteen Co-ordinator Maureen Choveaux and Merchandising Assistant Vanessa Hamilton.

Welcome on board to Team Managers Co-ordinators Ingrid Ross and Juanita Farrell, Equipment and Grounds Daniel Radle. Team Selection Co-ordinator Mark Hamilton, Auskick CEO Kate and Joel Geniel and Conduct and Child Safety Officer Cam Quinn.

Thank you Rod Faulkner for all your assistance over the last few years. Rod has handed over the reins to Daniel. Finally, a huge “Welcome Back” to my partner in crime, Mark Leonard – Director of Football and Vice President.

Let’s now all enjoy season 2019.

It was with great pleasure to see so many familiar faces during the day on Sunday. The committee were out in force assisting teams in preparation and the ladies in the Canteen had the food hot ready to go. It was great to see experienced Volunteers giving a helping hand to our new members, especially novice Coaches and Team Managers.
Thank you and well done one and all – a true family involvement! Fantastic to see we are fielding 22 teams this season. More opportunity for game time for all.

I was thrilled to see our Youth Girls in action and congratulate all teams on their endeavour. For all our Players and Parents, great to get the first match under our belts.

Grading Process

There was a real mixed bag of results from Round 1.

Each year the YJFL embark on a Grading process over the first four rounds. They consider last year’s results, info provided by your club prior to the season & post the grading rounds and an assessment of results during the first four games. What also complicates the situation is that some teams change the nucleus of their team. Therefore it’s hard for the YJFL to accurately predict how they’ll go.

In the past from time to time this has created some difficulty for committee, so as a result we please ask you familiarise yourself with YJFL Bylaws – Schedule A – via the Website.

Burger Night Wrap Up

WOW, what a great response to our season launch Burger night. There were estimates of 450-500 of our Sharks, current and past, family in attendance. Well done to all from Auskick to U8’s at their first burger night through to the Colts & all the Mums & Dads. What a way to kick off turning 50.

– What Can I Say About the Night –

The weather was a balmy mid 20’s. The Senior Club were cooking up a storm on the BBQ’s from 3.30pm. Our doors opened at 4.00pm with Kevin and son Mitch manning the bar, thanks guys. All drinks were at 1990’s prices, the only thing missing were the disco lights. The carnival was in full swing with ‘Mr Whippy’ producing soft serves, the balloon man creating masterful creations and even a ‘Space Invaders’ arcade machine game present. Thanks to the ladies who produced ‘Fairy Floss’ to lines 40 deep for many hours. Not one but two large jumping castles amongst other forms of entertainment out on the oval. Whilst located under the shade of the scoreboard, a various melody of bands completed in creating an atmosphere to rival any occasion.

Thank you all Shark’s Families who enjoyed the afternoon/evening for the kick off for season 2019 and our 50th Birthday.

Club Captains

Congratulations to all the Colts and upper age girls who applied for this distinguished position. Due to the quality of applications received, interviews conducted, club policy & age, we were left with a daunting decision to make. It was a very close call on all applicants.

Well done to Jake Leonard as Club Captain & Tim Choveaux and Matilda Rae as Vice Captains.

Every application received showed great maturity & leadership. Watch out for our Colts this year, they are a great bunch of young men.

50 Year Gala Evening

Just a heads up for our premier event of 2019. Please keep June 15th in the evening available. We’ll let you know more soon.

Sponsorship – Welcome Club Ringwood Main Sponsor – 5 Year

The Sharks have now secured their main sponsor for the next 5 years. We also welcome Ringwood Mazda for 3 years as the front of jumper naming rights.

Whilst our club is built on volunteers we need everyone’s input in securing various sponsorship deals. Their contributions allow us to keep fees at a reduced level whilst assisting in our operating costs. Please contact our sponsorship coordinator, Sue Smith, if you can help in any way. Team sponsors are filling fast, time to act is NOW!


The Sharks are looked upon with envy by other clubs over how our Parents conduct themselves at matches; let’s please keep it that way. I know we are all very passionate towards barracking for our children, please make sure it’s in a positive manner. Umpires are there to help the game flow.

Remember they are only human and at times can make mistakes, please show positive support & watch swearing. I’ve had many parents over the years talk about our culture and family ethos. Let’s uphold our well-earned reputation.


Our Colts and other players / parents will be in attendance at Thursday’s dawn service at the Clock Tower in Ringwood in two weeks. On behalf of the club, if you are coming along to show your respects, please come in your Sharks jackets.

Calendar and Events

If unsure at any time what’s coming up, go to our website and consult what’s coming up!


If at any stage during the season you wish to raise any issues then contact me directly, please feel free to do so either personally or on the phone

Wishing all the Teams the best for Round 2 on the 28th of April and the season ahead. In the meantime enjoy the holiday break.

Go Sharks!!
Ritchie Appleby
President, Sharks JFC
0408 367 444