YJFL Best and Fairest Placings

CONGRATULATIONS!! to all our contenders for their awesome efforts to be voted in the top 10 for their divisions.

Across the club we achieved:

  • 2 B&F (Josh Tovey and Josh Galstians)
  • 3 2nd placings (Felix Hattwich, Henry Milton and Josh Smillie)
  • 4 3rd placings (Lily Cameron, Cooper Trembath, Sam Caltieri and Jessica Fortington)

Below are the final results:

  • U11 girls Jessica Fortington 3rd
  • U11 girls Chloe Bilucaglia 5th
  • U11 boys Brown Sam Caltieri 3rd
  • U12 boys gold Ben Nicholls 5th
  • U12 boys gold Josh Prest 8th
  • U13 boys brown Logan Hamilton 4th
  • U13 boys Red Felix Hattwich 2nd
  • U14 boys brown Henry Milton 2nd
  • U14 boys brown Austin Foxwell 6th
  • U14 Girls gold Mia Spencer-Jones 7th
  • U15 boys Div 1 Josh Galstians 1st
  • U15 boys Div 1 Josh Smillie 2nd
  • U16 boys Div 2 Josh Tovey 1st
  • U16 Boys div 2 Cooper Trembath 3rd
  • U16 boys Div 2 Oscar Pollock 5th
  • U16 girls Div 1 Lily Cameron 3rd
  • U16 girls Div 1 Charlotte Newton 5th
  • Youth girls Div 1 Mia McAuliffe 6th
  • Colts Boys Div 3 Alex Macrokanis 7th