President’s Message: Round 13

Hi All Sharks

Congratulations to the mums and dads who turned up for our annual cocktail evening. This year we were at ‘new digs’ being ‘The Farm’ off Wonga Road in Warranwood. I could not believe how much work had been done to the previous ‘All Smiles’ vineyard over the last 6 months. The premises offered to us were fantastic. With two chefs relocated from Rockpool, the food was fantastic and just kept coming all night. Mini sliders, puff pastry rare beef and horseradish, nachos, duck spring rolls and many more yummy offerings. Boutique beers, Rob Doolin wines, craft ciders to sparkling wines – oh boy, what choices we had.

However, my favourite memory of the night was how much trouble the mums had gone to in dressing up for the evening. If a Miss Australia pageant talent scout was available, well, we would have seen at least 50 new entrants for next year. Ladies, you need to be congratulated, you all looked lovely, though I know, high heels on concrete is never great by the end of the evening.

Who would have thought we had so many professional singers in our club. Jimmy Darvidis kept handing the microphone the out to all and sundry. The dance floor was buzzing with activity and the many that contributed to sing-a-longs were great to hear and observe. All round it was a great evening enjoyed by all in attendance. Thank you for the memories. Special thanks to Mike Newton, our Events Coordinator and the helpers that made the night such a memorable evening.

Go Sharks!!

Conduct / Incidents

After such a positive and fun-filled Saturday night, our committee is really disappointed with Sunday’s on and off field incidents. Was it a full moon on Saturday night?

For the first time this year we potentially have two tribunal appearances this week. On top of this we have parents and officials at other matches that have over stepped the Code of Conduct, ‘Good Sports Program’ and spirit of the game realisation. I have received three “please explain” from other clubs and the YJFL.

ENOUGH people, things happen on the ground from time to time. The umpires are there to adjudicate and make decision, and mistake and accidents occur from time to time. At no time are officials or parents to respond. We have official channels via our Team Managers to deal with this. I am personally very disappointed with the conduct of some members of our club from this round.

I write these words with a heavy heart, disappointed by a childlike environment. I love you all for your passion and support of The Sharks Junior Football Club. I am appalled at the actions of various members though and this greatly disappoints me personally. As a committee we know the opportunity to play finals for some teams are on the knife edge.

Therefore, passion and enthusiastic support grows for those teams. PLEASE, remember your manners and common sense when dealt and situation not of your choosing. Our wonderful club can be and is at the coal face in leading league in conduct and sportsmanship. Let’s continue to uphold our integrity and values no matter the on field incidents or outcomes. Thank you.

Upper Age Colts and Life Members Dinner

To be held at Club Ringwood tonight, (Tuesday 26th of July). We wish our Colts “All the Best” for the remainder of the season. Our senior Club Captain and U19 Captain will head the way explaining the transition yet to occur for our boys going forward. Whilst their junior club journey has brought our boys to this point, real life awaits them. Be it physically, mentally or psychologically, change occurs.

To help with the future growth, our club will assist all boys going forward in the next phase of their life. Our guest speaker, Christian Petracca, will help the boys to focus on where they’ve come from and where potentially they can go. Christian, the number 2 draught pick in the AFL last year commenced his junior football with The Sharks.  As one of our own, it will be great to hear his journey and how it impacts our own Colts.

Burger Night – Sponsors Night – Sunday 7th of August

The final get-together for the Home and Away season. Let’s all try to get there and make the most in celebrating the boys’ efforts. 5.30pm kick-off. The evening will be hosted by the U15’s.

AGM and Presentation Night – 11th of September

This great day whereby every team is acknowledged, awards given, milestones recognise and business procedures adhered to. Under our constitution all members are encouraged to attend the formalities which will be conducted mid-way through presentation.


U8’s & U9’s Presentations                                10.30am – 11am

U10’s, U11’s & U12’s Presentations           11.15am – 12pm

AGM & U13’s, U14’s, U15’s & Colts            12.30pm – 2pm


Round 14 this weekend the 30th

If at any stage you have any queries then please don’t hesitate to contact myself.

Go Sharks!

Ritchie Appleby
President, Sharks JFC
0408 367 444