President’s Message: Round 10

Hi All Sharks

Congratulations and thank you to all Sharks who were in attendance for Sunday nights buddies Burger Night. Once again the support within this fabulous club continues to blow me away. One of the coldest days for the year and the turnout was measured in hundreds in attendance. So much so, we sold out of our reserves for next burger night. If that’s the biggest problem I have this year then we as a committee are happy to wear it. Well done all. Thanks Fas for a great raffle, much fun and many prizes claimed.


P.O.N.R.P.J.F.C. – Milestones 26/6/16

The first milestone 50 game medals and 100 game trophies were presented to 46 players from Round 1 to 10 in 2016. Burger Night on the last round this year (7th August) will see the next lot of presentations. All 150 game trophies will be presented at our AGM and presentation day on the 11th of September. With pleasure we list the players below and offer a well-deserved round of applause to all.

50 Game Medals

Kyan Brasher                        Under 11 Red

Ben Sette                                Under 11 Red

Harrison Bryce                    Under 11 Red

Rhys Jones                             Under 11 Red

Tom Coghlan                        Under 11 Red

Mitchell Clark                      Under 11 Red

Will Sonderhof                   Under 11 Red


Sam Harrison                       Under 11 Black

Ben Evans                               Under 11 Black

Tom Morcom                       Under 11 Black

Tobias Kilkenny                  Under 11 Black

Cooper Trembath              Under 11 Black


Lucas Bridger                       Under 12 Red

Cristian Ciampa                  Under 12 Red

Jack Drijfhout                      Under 12 Red


Ben Jeffery                             Under 12 Black

Nathan Gagliardone        Under 12 Black

Finn Currie                            Under 12 Black

Isaac Tymms                         Under 12 Black

Dylan Keyes                           Under 12 Black

Jai Wilson                              Under 12 Black

Dylan Vendel                        Under 12 Black


Brock Nitz                              Under 13 Red

Lachlan Todero                   Under 13 Red

Hamish Hamilton              Under 13 Red

Ethan Buchanan                 Under 13 Red


Campbell Fisher                 Under 13 Black  

Alexander Pringle              Under 13 Black 

Sam Bonollo                         Under 13 Black  


Nick Anderton                     Under 14 Red  

Oliver Chisholm                 Under 14 Red 

Will Mackay                          Under 15 Red  


Justin Penev                         Under 15 Black  

Reggie Wise                           Under 15 Black  


100 Game Trophies

Liam Greaney                       Under 14 Red  

Jackson Archer                    Under 14 Red  

Jake Leonard                        Under 14 Red  

Jack Conlan                           Under 14 Red  

McLaren Spiteri                  Under 14 Red  

Tyler Prunty                          Under 15 Red 

Tommy Tout                         Under 15 Red 

Tom Schroder                      Under 15 Red  

Gus Brown                             Under 15 Red 

Tim Choveaux                      Under 15 Black 

Zac Braunthal                      Under 15 Black 

Pat Sheers                              Colts Red  


Pink Ribbon Day – Mothers’ Day

It is pleasing to note that The Sharks raised almost $700 this year for Breast Cancer Foundation and research. This tradition will continue each year and hopefully we can crack the $1,00 mark in 2017. Good on you all for giving generously to this cause.

Team Photos

Just a reminder that the Team Photos will be conducted at Domeney after the school holidays. This will be Friday 15th in the evening and Sunday morning the 17th of July. Thanks go to Bryan Holmes for co-ordinating this event again. Team managers will inform you of your time in the next week or so.

Cocktail Night

Please get online and book your tickets Saturday 23rd July for a great Adults night. This night is put on for you, the parents, to enjoy, mingle and let your hair down and enjoy the evening.  Saturday 23rd July at “The Farm” (formally “All Smiles”), located on Delaneys Road, Off Wonga Road, Warrandyte South. Please get online and book tickets now. All enquiries please contact Michael Newton – Events Coordinator – on mobile 0421 049 904 or via email; 

Senior Players, Life Members and Sponsors Dinner

Thursday 28th July will see our annual dinner for all our Colts players. We have a great guest speakers this year who will encourage and challenge the boys as they transition in life going forward. More information will be forthcoming as we get closer to the date.

AGM and Presentation Night

Please note in your Diary the date – 11th of September. This great day whereby every team is acknowledged, awards given, milestones recognise and business procedures adhered to. Under our constitution all members are encouraged to attend the formalities which will be conducted mid-way through presentation.

Bounce Health – Sponsorship Initiative

Bounce have offered The Sharks players and families to attend their “Injury Clinic” for a free consultation. This is a 10 minute check with a physiotherapist at no charge, until 31/12/2016. They generally encourage significant injuries be treated at a full appointment. This is for general soreness, aches, sprains and niggles. Member cards will be forwarded to the club and then passed onto all player families. This is a great way to encourage early assessment and diagnosis. We will advise once this concept is put into action.

Coleman Redevelopment

All teams have been given raffle tickets to sell with all proceeds being allocated to the upgrade of our 3rd facility. Coleman has no change rooms but will have by 2017. As a part the effort to raise funds for this to occur, we are trying to raise $5,000-$10,000 this year. This is a joint venture with the South Warrandyte Cricket Club (SWCC).

Please, for only a couple of dollars, purchase a ticket for this great cause. The new pavilion will be a unisex development, and going forward will greatly enhance The Sharks offering.

School Holidays

Boys, enjoy time with your family over the next few days. Most teams are having a break. Next round of matches, Round 11, is on Sunday 10th July. Stay Safe and warm and be focussed for the run home to the end of the season.


If at any stage you have any queries then please don’t hesitate to contact myself.

Go Sharks!

Ritchie Appleby
President, Sharks JFC
0408 367 444