President’s Message: Round 6

Hi All Sharks,

SharKwiz – Trivia Night!  Tickets sales are on the move, so thank you all!

Sharkwiz 2015 is fast approaching…Saturday 30 May 2015 at Domeney Reserve! Whilst this is our primary fund raising event for the year, the SharKwiz is an informal evening and a great opportunity to get to know the families in your teams, whilst having a bit of fun.

The SharKwiz organising committee are seeking auction items for the SharKwiz. A flyer explaining the request for any prizes/auction items that the Shark’s Community are willing to donate is displayed on our webpage.

For ease in booking, a new online system has been adopted so please refer to the SharKwiz Invitation circulated to you via your Team Managers or available online by clicking here.

For information please contact Michael Newton – Events Coordinator – on mobile 0421 049 904 or via email

Parent Helpers!

It is part of my catch cry as President that the Sharks Junior Football Club, or more importantly any junior sport clubs, can only run with the support of its volunteers.  Unfortunately, on occasion, I receive feedback from Team Managers that they are struggling to get support from our volunteers, with some just failing to turn up or refusing to perform their rostered duty.

Please understand that the game day roles (12 volunteers depending on if you are home or away) are imposed on us by the YJFL.  If we don’t perform them we can be fined or worst still directed to a hearing.

To that end, I ask you all to remember that everyone’s help is needed and value.  Your children love having you involved and so do I.

Kinglake Day!

I would like to acknowledge and thank Sharks Director of Football Kevin George, and our committee forefathers, for their initiative in supporting the Kinglake Football Club post the Black Saturday Fires 2009.

Whilst the fires touched Victoria as a whole, the impact on the Kinglake community has been ongoing.  To this end, as you would be aware, each year the Sharks Junior Football Club hold their intra-club practices matches to raise money for the Kinglake Junior Football Club and this year we have provided support to the tune of $2500.

This money runs their Junior Club for the season and we are now considered as their largest sponsors.  So thankyou also to all the mums, dads, players and families who came and provided your support.

We Need You On Committee!

At the end of Season 2015 a number of positions will become vacant on Committee. These vacancies will include the four primary roles – President, Director of Football, Secretary and Treasurer. We are NOW seeking your support, so if you are in a position to assist can you PLEASE give me a call.


If at any stage during the season you wish to raise issue with me – positive or negative – please feel free to do so either personally or via the telephone. I delete negative emails!

Wishing you all the very best for Round 6. Please enjoy yourselves.  Go Sharks!!!!

Sean Woods – President of the Sharks
Park Orchards North Ringwood Parish Junior Football Club
Phone: 0407886817