President’s Letter: Edition 10

By golly, it was certainly a cold day last Sunday. What a “Welcome Back” to footy after a few weeks off. The temp on the dashboard never got above 8◦C. Hard to believe only 24hrs beforehand my family were in the Middle East where it was 45°C.

I know a number of families availed themselves of heading to warmer climates over the last few weeks. Beaver (Mark Leonard) our DOF and his family flew to England, Italy, France, Poland and who knows where else. It was great to see the Sharks tops in so many countries. My mob ventured to Africa and the Middle East. I’ve now got photos of Sharks with Elephants, Tigers, Leopards, Hippos, Monkeys etc…..

It was a fantastic trip of experiences, however without doubt the greatest lessons learnt by my boys was the observance of very lowly paid people who were genuinely happy in their environment. They showed great humility, whilst learning the value of money and its impact on daily situations.

In each country we adopted a ‘Family’ and shared our adventures and cultures together. The amazing reality was that the disciplines learnt and observed on the football field were very mirrored in our relationships and life experiences.

As a number of our members will have heard me say before “At School we get taught the lesson then we get tested; where as in real life we get tested first and from this we learn the lesson.”

Wherever you went and whatever activities you got up to, I’m glad to have all our families back together for the run home. Amazingly, we have still had new recruits joining us with three playing their first matches last Sunday.

Whilst away, I had the chance to reflect on our mighty club. From the experience and guidance of past committees, the number of players who have enjoyed their junior careers at the club to the fantastic parents/family groups who put time and effort in each week.

We Sharks have come a long way in 50yrs, as has our Society.

During this time we have walked in outer space and now have created computers that can interface. We have built cities on sand and turned sea into land. We have built super towers and have created solar grids to give power. We’ve come a long way to where we are today!

Our sense of community has never been greater on display through our sport, our club, our teachers/parents who we have mastered many lessons in life.

Yet we are not done.

Over the next few weeks some teams will be playing for a chance to compete in finals. Others will be building on their skills and friendship groups. This year, our 50th year, is now. Next year will be all it can be. But only if we realise we need to do more than we have before. Out Challenges we cannot ignore.

For some, it’s the next match, others the next two months but for everyone it should be every day going forward. If, as a club – united, focussing on our actions and how they impact others, we can rise to the occasion and come together as one community

All together we can make our own FUTURE

It can be great.



Tuesday 23rd July @ 6.30pm @ Club Kilsyth.

Please note that the transition dinner this year is for BOTH Colts teams. The Club will pay for the player’s food and also Life Members in attendance. Numbers need to be confirmed by 21st July. Parents are encouraged to attend.

This is the transition of our Senior Colts annual dinner and attended by all our Colts Players.  We have a great guest speaker this year who will encourage and challenge the boys as they transition in life going forward.  Confirming the Sharks will pay for all Players and Life Members; with parents contributing $29 for a 2-3 course dinner.  Drinks at bar prices.

The event will take place at Club Kilsyth, Corner Canterbury Road & Colchester Roads Bayswater North.


At the end of Season 2019 a number of positions will become vacant on Committee. These roles are a mixture of Executive, Non-Executive and Off-Committee roles and they include: Social Media Co-ordinator, Director of Football, Events Manager, and Treasurer. Whilst these opportunities are open to all parents, I’d love to see the next age bracket, our parents of U11s and U12s take the opportunity of being able to grow into the roles. We are NOW seeking your support so if you’re in a position to assist, please contact me.


See you all for Round 11 next week, 21st July

If at any stage you have any queries then please don’t hesitate to contact myself.

Go Sharks!!

Ritchie Appleby
President, Sharks JFC
0408 367 444