President’s Letter: Edition 7

It’s hard to believe we are already up to Round 7 this week. Nearly halfway through the season yet it feels as though we’ve just got under way. 

Congratulations to all our milestone players over the last few weeks. The banners have been booked solid for 50, 100 and even 150 games milestones for quite a few players. This is a great indication of the family atmosphere our club offers whilst receiving loyalty from our players. Our playing list is certainly a tight knit group of young players with friendships that will last forever. I look forward to seeing our youth girls starting to book the banners as well in the next few years. Every year we lose a few players for a variety of reasons, however we seem to attract new players to join us or return to us, even up to the Colts as evidenced again this year.

At the Sharks we base our younger players into friendship group’s teams and then adjust once they start high school with team selection. This allows for children to initially learn the basic skills of football then as bodies start to mature we take the welfare of the players into account. With team selection mostly we get it right, mostly the players feel it’s right and mostly parents feel it’s right. Whilst not an exact science, a lot of time and effort is inputted to help our players grow from U8’s through to Colts. Now we have a pathway for Colts to U19’s to seniors with the P.O.F.C.

We are always looking at how our club is progressing and what areas need to be examined. I love this Club and the committee involved in being able to accept challenges and see the excitement of turning dreams into reality, worries into problems and then solutions. Whilst decisions are based on history, knowledge, and policy, we are trying to be proactive rather than reactive going forward.

Therefore from time to time we will challenge various parts of policy and what we do to see if we can improve areas within our Club. At the end of the day it is about our players enjoying the game of football, bonding with team mates and being part of a healthy environment.

Life Lessons

I’ve been in a bit of a circumspect mood over the past couple of weeks, please indulge me and read in full.

As a 10 year old boy, life was simple and innocent. Why, a year was 10% of my life. Today, approaching a stage well into my 50’s, a year is below 2% of my life. Maybe that’s why the years go by quicker as we age because the percentage drops rapidly.

Life is not only about what we learn and how we apply the lessons learnt, it’s about our impact on others. The history we learn at school doesn’t help define our future.

Because at school you get the lesson first and the test after. However, in life you get the test first and the lesson after.

Sport is the mirror of life. We all want to be winners, but what does this mean? The real tests we will face are rejection, dealing with failure, having to start over again many times and ‘you know’ sometimes things that just don’t go our way.

Phew, a heavy statement.

So, please let me encourage all to focus on perseverance, determination and persistence every day.
Our challenges that we will face are in being empathetic, understanding other’s challenges in life and having the ability to take a step back and observe. This is the true test of our character, attitude and values. Let’s work on ourselves, develop our skills and leave a true impact upon others, of who we are.

Don’t be limited by what others say you can’t do. Life is the most difficult test of all because most people are too busy comparing themselves against others.

It’s who you are, what you learn from life and your effect on others that matters most.

So be proactive, get up and get going. Be the best you can be.

You are unique, don’t trade for less, I believe in you.

Thank you.

Pipe Hunter Sharkwiz – This Saturday 2 June

Only a few sleeps to go and only 100 tickets sold

C’mon folks let’s double this. Get online and book now.

Bookings can be made via the “Events” tab in TeamApp, or online. Full tables can be purchased at once or 1-2 tickets so long as you know the table name to specify
Email Nina Foxwell or call 0409 564 724 for any queries

Indigenous Round – Round 8

Congratulations to our Colts Red who will be competing against Fitzroy under lights in Round 8. The match will be played on Friday Night the 1st June at Victoria Park. We wish our players all the best on the night and encourage as many spectators as possible to get to the match.

Burger Night Sunday 17th June – Bendigo Bank Buddies Night

The next burger night is the Colts/U8’s & U9’s Bendigo Bank Buddies Night. They will all be hosting the night, putting on clinic demonstrations and cooking for us all. Look forward to seeing you all there.
Educational Event

Paul Haas and his wonderful team at Bounce Health group are running their informative “taping and sports medicine” evening again this year. It is on Monday 18th of June at their Blackburn premises.

Every year the evening is booked out, so if you’re interested please let them know at your earliest opportunity. You’ll be amazed at the number of taping options and ideas shared, and yes, this is a hands on event. All of our Team Managers have full details so please contact them if interested, or Bounce Health directly on 1300 855 442 or by email.


Looking forward to Round 8 for our Juniors. If at any stage you have any queries then please don’t hesitate to contact myself.

Go Sharks!!

Ritchie Appleby
President, Sharks JFC
0408 367 444