Footy’s Back – Again!

Greetings Families,

And we’re back!! Again!!

Following yesterday’s announcement from the State Government, the good news is that we will definitely play football this Sunday.

The Table of Restrictions (see attached), as it relates to sport, is as follows:
Physical recreation & sport:
• Open
• Density quotient of 1 person per 4sqm
• Maximum venue capacity 150, including no more than 50 indoors
• No venue limit if 100m distance can be maintained between groups outdoors (e.g. golf).
• Maximum group size: 10 people indoors, 20 outdoors

Community sport
• Open for all ages, training and competition
• Limited to minimum number of people required to participate in and facilitate the activity (i.e. players, coaches) and must be within venue limits above for indoor sports
• Spectators not allowed (excludes people necessary for events such as teachers, instructors, trainers, coaches, umpires, carers, parents and guardians)

The YJLFL have further advised the following:
Notwithstanding the above, we are still of the view that there are to be no spectators, only parents/guardians to attend (ie no sibling, grandparents etc), no canteen and be prepared for the players to ‘get in, play, get out’.

Naturally siblings that can’t stay home by themselves can attend.

Lastly, as you can see we are also not allowed to provide a canteen at Stintons. We are checking on whether the coffee vans are allowed. Please be prepared for them to not be in attendance.

Looking forward to seeing everyone back out on the paddock!!

PONRPJFC Committee