Awards 2021

Life Membership – Tim Livingston

It is with great pleasure and honour that I announce the recipient of Life Membership, which goes to living legend Tim (Livo) Livingstone. 

It is without a doubt there is no greater deserving club member than Livo, servant of the club and undeniably one of the most giving humans we have the privilege of being part of the Sharks family.

A few things about Tim…

Tim has always conducted himself in a calming manner, displaying equal and fair leadership and thus rewarded with absolute respect. His desire to impart knowledge and self-growth for each individual no matter their level of skill is a special quality that is well received by every player.

A quiet confidence, never pushing his own barrow, yet whenever Tim is asked to assist or give of his time, he always delivers over and above. He is a man of substance and moral conviction and interacts with great enthusiasm, a warm demeanour, great sense of humour and a genuine laugh!

Timeline at the Club

  • 2004-2006 Auskick
  • 2007-2008 Tackers Coach
  • 2009 Assistant Coach U10
  • 2010 Coach U11 – Premiers
  • 2011-2012 Coach
  • 2015-2016 Coach – Colts Division 1 – Premiers
  • 2018-2021 Youth Girls Coach Generating 3 AFLW Players 

Tim has also assisted in planning for the Senior Club, and assisting other girls team Coaches, and from 2008-2016 he implemented and ran the Sharks Development Program.

In 2010 Livo was awarded the ‘Eastern Region Coach of the Year’ and in 2016 the ‘YJFL Coach of the Year’ Award.

His involvement with the club never stops on the field, setting up and packing up various BBQ’s and social functions, assisting with multiple presentations and coaching groups supporting player development.

Tim is a true gentleman with great balance through love for and of family.

It is with great pleasure and pride, on behalf of the PONRPJFC and the Membership, that in recognition of service, I congratulate Tim Livingston with Life Membership.

Well done and thank you Livo.

Lions Club 2021 – Ben Duffy

Ben commenced his time at the Sharks as a budding Auskicker in 2009

  • Drive – Determination on the field, always encouraging others
  • Personality – A bit cheeky, but very respectful (a trait we all love)
  • Positivity – uplifting team member with a positive vibe
  • Helpful – Assisting coaches, helping with set up and pack up
  • Thoughtful – Helping younger players

It is Ben’s spirited commitment to the club, his character and passion that is being acknowledged when presenting him with this award. Congratulations and well done Ben!

Club Person 2021 – Dean Prest

This year’s recipient has been ascending to a recognised brilliance over the last 5 years. Dean took on the role of Coaches Coordinator in 2018 and at first wondered what he had got himself into! Having previously overseen Auskick and been involved in the day to day activities, he immensely enjoyed the fellowship of all and the young Chargers and parents hung onto every word. 

It was certainly a stormy course for that first year on the committee. Securing Coaches took skill, however, the weekly focus and ability to negotiate “Alpha’s” was a journey in itself. Presty is a no-nonsense down to earth mate that everyone wants on their team. He doesn’t like to offend or upset people, yet his determination in guiding and sharing ‘the hard tell’ truths is handled with aplomb. You can tell by the look in his eyes when he sets that steely look and sets his jaw. This year though, I think Dean has absolutely mastered his position and has expressed an air of relaxed professionalism. His ability to just get things done, question what doesn’t quite feel right and display a genuine openness is the epitome of a quintessential Aussie. Really, he is a bonza bloke and a fair dinkum cobber!

During the past two COVID effected seasons, Dean has not only gone about his endeavours in a seamless manner, but made sure he’s available to assist everyone. His family and the committee know the amount of effort and hours put in and it’s all done in a level-headed manner.

Presty enjoys the comradeship and light hearted banter of the committee. However, his eyes shine when speaking of the love he has for his family.

On behalf of the PONRPJFC, it is with great pleasure that we acknowledge the Club Person for 2021 as Dean Prest.