Congratulations Jorja Livingstone

Congratulations to our Shark Jorja Livingstone (far right) on your appointment to the 2021 Eastern Ranges Under 19 Girls leadership group.

All of us at PONRPJFC are super proud of you, and wish you all the very best for the upcoming season!

Female Footy Webinars

This is a really exciting opportunity for all our coaches of female teams and female players to join in two webinar sessions that will help the coaches in their leadership and drills and players in football pathways.

Both are free sessions with highly experienced presenters who will be happy to discuss and answer questions on anything female football.

Spread this invitation, as all YJFL players and coaches are welcome to participate.

Sign up now to these webinars and secure your spot!

  Join Coaches Webinar

  Join Players Webinar

President’s Letter: Season 2020 Cancellation

Hi All Sharks,

Thank you for your support, patience and assistance during this on and off season of 2020. With the YJFL officially cancelling the season on the 7th August, we have been involved in numerous meetings since. Last Tuesday’s Presidents and Secretary meeting focused on the League’s accountability of expenses incurred during the year and potential reimbursement / credit amounts. The League have undertaken to extend the insurance coverage for Players until the end of the year in case any members are able to enjoy “pre-season” training prior to Christmas. Subject to Government, the Heath Department and Council restrictions.
We will have final calculations from the League of refund or credit amounts within the next 14 days. At this time we shall revert to all, the moment we know.

Thank you for your understanding and backing during this process. On behalf of our Committee, a massive thank you to all our Club Members, Officials, Players, Volunteers, Family members and Sponsors for your hard work and diligence in coming to grips with this most unusual year. Whilst having spoken of the word “UNKNOWN” during the last six months, “inconvenience” must also now be added. It has been the most challenging of years for our Committee, Coaches and Support Crews. Thanks for your hard work, flexibility, resilience and unswerving commitment.

Coaches and Team Managers will be in touch regarding jumpers and equipment once restrictions are lifted. Our Committee will be in contact regarding further news, details on the commencement of social and change rooms upgrade. Our Annual General Meeting date for October will be confirmed late September.

Please note, registrations for Season 2021 open November 1st.

We look forward to our boys and girls having football as a part of their life again next year.

Go Sharks!!

Ritchie Appleby
President, Sharks JFC
0408 367 444

Season 2020 Update

To all our Sharks families,

Stage 4 Restrictions has kept our beloved Shark Tank empty to ensure the safety of our community. We hope you are all safe, healthy, and masking up.

We have received notification tonight from the YJFL that season 2020 is officially cancelled

We have all missed our footy this year, our club Captains, our new families and players and those putting on the footy boots for the first time to play junior football – it is not the season we had planned for you.

Although our players haven’t hit the fields – the Sharks community is strong and we love seeing you all wearing the Sharks gear when out and about.

The Committee are in constant communication with the YJFL and associated clubs.

At this stage we are waiting for the YJFL to advise their position on refunds. The PONRPJFC Committee have however decided to refund all players 100% of the Sharks CLUB component of the season fees.

We will be emailing out an online form to please complete as soon as possible.

There will 2 options:

  • Full refund into the bank account you paid your fees with (unless you advise us)
  • Donate this portion to PONRPJFC

We will communicate more details when they come to hand

The committee would like to thank our coaches and TMs for the work they did early on to get kids training under extremely different and at time frustrating circumstances.

Thank you families for sticking with us during this time.

YJFL COVID-19 Update

Greetings Players and Parents,

Well after all our hard work preparing our club and members to return to football we are once again back in restrictions

After the state government announcement today, Tim Murray CEO YJFL sent the below message to clubs today.

Please don’t forget for those of you who signed up to the @homefooty program, you can go back and re-visit some of the activities and drills they provided during the last lockdown

The committee would like to thank all the coaches, team managers and parents who helped us get each of their teams organised, informed and ready to play.
Our club can’t survive without the collective efforts of all volunteers.

For now, please stay safe, stay healthy, look out for each other and we look forward to seeing everyone on the flipside!!

Go Sharks!!

PONRPJFC Committee

Dear Presidents & Secretaries,

I write with regard to today’s announcements of an additional 6 weeks of lockdown for metropolitan Melbourne.

Todays decision is extremely disappointing for our boys & girls, but one we know was made by the Government with their best interests in mind.

Clearly, there will be no YJFL games this weekend, & as it currently stands for the next 6 weeks. The YJFL Board will be meeting tonight and I will write to you again tomorrow with an update.

I want to thank you & your committees for the incredible effort in trying to get a 12-round season up & running. You guys are an amazing group of people, and we are so lucky to have you in our League.

Those of you that know Jeff & the YJFL team, know that we will do whatever we can to keep our kids active and engaged in our great game.

Speak soon,

Tim Murray

2020 Club Captain and Vice Captains

It is with much excitement that PONRPJFC announces our 2020 Club Captain and
Vice Captains

Congratulations to Henry Ameer on his appointment as PONRPJFC Club Captain.

Congratulations to Bailey McMahon and Jorja Livingstone on their
appointments as Vice Captains.

To listen to their inspiring interviews please check out our Facebook Page. PLUS you can now follow us on our Instagram, where you can view our captains video.

On behalf of the committee, coaching staff and fellow players and parents we
wish these 3 upstanding young people all the best for the upcoming 2020
season and look forward to watching them lead our great club

Footy’s Back!

YJFL Season to Start in mid-July – Subject to Victorian Government Approval

The Yarra Junior Football League (YJFL) has confirmed that its 2020 season will start in mid-July.

This will coincide with date when the Chief Medical Officer deems it possible for up to 100 people to gather outdoors, and is of course subject to State Government approval.

The planned season will comprise 12 home and away games plus two weeks of finals in October. The season would conclude on Sunday, October 11.

YJFL CEO Tim Murray said a detailed COVID-19 management plan would be implemented and actioned by all clubs and teams when the season starts. Mr Murray said,

“All 32 sporting clubs and over 550 teams that compete in the competition will be trained in COVID-19 management, and appropriate social distancing guidelines of the day will be practiced.” 

YJFL President Jeff Hooper said

“My message for our parents & kids is that we have everything we need from the government to be positive about a return to footy sometime in approximately mid-July.


The exact timing is hard, but it’s time to focus on how good it is to be playing footy again. Junior football clubs provide critical support for our young people, who have been so affected by recent events.


We need to get these young people back together, into their support networks, being physically active – they tell us how much they want footy to start again.”

For more information visit the YJFL website

COVID-19 Update

A message to our Sharks Community

We have all missed the footy season starting for 2020. We do hope this has resulted in you all being healthy and safe during Covid-19.

The Committee are working hard to get through all the COVID-19 information from AFL, YJFL, Manningham Council and State Government. As you can understand a time taking process to ensure the transition back into the 2020 Football season is safe and in the best interests for all our players, coaches and officials.

The committee as a matter of priority are working on protocols for teams to return to training.

The club position is there is to be NO training commencing until confirmed and executed by the club officials.

Once in place we will be communicating this to all coaches and players as soon as possible.


As part of the season return the Sharks are to assign TWO VOLUNTEERS to be COVID Officers. This is a league requirement and we can not start the season without them.

This is a requirement from all governing bodies and must be in place in order to meet compliance.

In addition, Council will not grant access to grounds and facilities and the YJFL will not allow us to take part in the season.

The committee cannot take on these extra roles as it is already at maximum capacity with work load.
Please volunteer as we can not get the players on the field until we have these COVID Officers appointed

Please contact Nina Foxwell if you are available to help.

Intention to Play Survey

All members have been sent an intention to play survey. Please complete this as a matter of urgency so we can have the best vision across the club of numbers per team. It will take 1 min to complete. (it will have been sent as a google form to the registered email address)


Just a reminder that we are unable to fulfill any uniform/merchandise requests at this time. Access to storage facilities is still out of bounds.

Stay safe and go Sharks!!

PONRPJFC Committee 2020

President’s Letter: Pre-Season 2020

Hi All Sharks,

It has certainly been a crazy few months. Maybe it’s time to start taking stock and dare to be honest with ourselves.

I’m a gregarious, social, extravert who enjoys being in control and enjoying set routines. The last eight weeks have been extremely challenging. When beset by not knowing what is coming, times of anxiousness, wanting to hide from the world through to being dragged along to complete various work routines. Our biggest enemy has been that word “unknown.” To a degree it still applies. We can only judge our future on reference of yesterday’s lifestyle whilst experiencing the today of life. Luckily, I’ve been supported by a wonderful family whilst also enjoying calls from close friends. Yes, we have laughed, grown closer as a family but also blown up at one another and said some hurtful things at times to get a response. None of us want to blame ourselves, so when control is dictated to us, we can say some nasty things to those we love. However; time heals, the sun rises and the ability to forgive and “band together” is uniquely being human. I have been riding this roller coaster as I’m sure many others in our community have experienced during this pandemic. I’ll admit at times I’ve been scared about what might happen; I could be infected, how will we survive on a financial level. My exercise routines have gone out the window, my alcohol consumption (and smokes) have risen alarmingly during my enforced isolation.

I feel like I’ve been walking slowly through a heavy fog. Unfortunately, my focus has been more about me, the world revolving around me. It needs to change to whereby I play my role “within the world.” I need to reconnect with my community and see how others are being impacted. So last week I gave myself a kick up the backside, stared into my eyes in the mirror and made a commitment to me. As the Government have commenced to cautiously wind back restrictions and shine a light of hope, I’ve embraced the opportunity to get back to being who I was. My transformation through the chrysalis has been put into action. I am slowly emerging.

In the last 10 days, I’ve commenced back with a remedial therapist, exercise consultant, personal trainer and reshaped alcohol consumption and started a diet. My challenge to our Sharks Family and community is to join me. Now is the time to shake off any areas negative within our lifestyle and emerge into a bright new world focusing on improvement.

Let’s pledge to ourselves a positive enhancement of activity just to get the ball rolling. It could be a simple as “not so many biscuits or cake,” “focusing on a smile not a frown,” to “informing one person per day of a positive affirmation.” It’s time to embrace a new beginning and placing one foot forward into the direction we want to go. We need to be kind to ourselves so we can be kind to others. Forget self-interest and focus on best interest. It’s out duty of care and it’s fulfilling to have a positive impact on someone else’s life. Let’s empathise with others whilst empowering them to be the best person they can be.

Our Committee are so proud of our community who have been supportive, shown resilience, thought of others and observed Government guidelines. Football is back on the agenda and resumption of training may commence within the next 2-4 weeks where we can have only 10 on the oval with no contact. We aren’t allowed on the oval just yet. In 4-6 weeks’ time, we should see us at full contact and fielding full teams.

At Home Football Program

The Sharks have launched (at the Club’s cost) the At Home Football Program. Approximately, 100 families have joined up and are enjoying the weekly skills activities. Remember, no cost to you and a chance for the kids to get outdoors. Please, if you are not yet involved join up and take advantage of this opportunity. Click here to register to your details.

Domeney Refurbishment

Finally, the planets are close to aligning and we are one step away from agreement. At this stage, works will begin on new change rooms / social space late July, early August 2020.

Committee Positions

There will be a need for some new faces in 2021. Fortunately, all positions have full role descriptions and templates created to assist new members comprehend and fulfil their role. We need to find candidates for Secretary, Registrar, Football Coordinator and Conduct Officer. It’s a wonderful experience and I’m happy to discuss any role at any time. Please call me on 0408 367 444.

COVID-19 Training Course.

We are asking for all volunteers to complete this online training course over the next few weeks. Thanks

Whilst most of us are working from home and home schooling our kids it is now more than ever, we need to keep up self-care and get our bodies moving. The team at Hopetoun Natural Therapies share some simple stretches for you to do at home with the kids. 

As always, I’m happy to receive your thoughts and queries, hopefully we are all back out on the park in late July enjoying Round 1.

Go Sharks!!

Ritchie Appleby
President, Sharks JFC
0408 367 444