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Club History

The Park Orchards North Ringwood Parish Junior Football Club was formed in 1991, as a result of a merger between Park Orchards and North Ringwood Parish Junior Football Clubs.

The first president of the newly formed club was Mr. M. Cahill, who was also the last president of the NRPJFC. Prior to the merger, Park Orchards had established a 22 year history, lead initially by its first president, Mr. J.O'Brien in 1969. In those 22 years, Park Orchards accumulated 8 premierships, and called Domeney Reserve home.

North Ringwood Parish JFC was established in 1984 and its first president, Fr K. Mogg presided over the club for 7 of its 8 year history. In those 8 years, the club won one premiership in 1988. The NRPJFC utilized Colman Park as its home venue.

Between the two original clubs and the merged entity, over 150 players have played 100 or more games as at the end of season 2005, with 11 players having also reached the very significant milestone of 150 games.

The "Sharks" have won 14 premierships since forming in 1991, including a League record 5 premierships in 2004, and continue to be one of larger clubs in the competition, fielding 13 teams and registering over 300 players in 2005. There are, in total, 39 Life Members - people, who have donated vast amounts of time and effort into providing a wonderful football and family environment for the children of the Park Orchards and North Ringwood areas.

The "Sharks" have relinquished tenancy at Colman Park and for many seasons solely used Domeney Reserve and the wonderful facilities there as its home venue. As we approached the new century, the Club identified that considerable benefits could be gained by having its own Auskick program, as these skilled-based clinics had proved to be successful player development links at several neighboring clubs.

In 2001, the “Sharks” Auskick was launched and based at Stintons Reserve, and in its 5 years of operation, Park Orchards Auskick has become an award winning Auskick in the Eastern Region. The growth in Teams and player numbers as a result of the successful Auskick program required the use of a second home ground and in 2004 matches commenced being played at Stintons Reserve. In 2005, the Club took another significant step in securing its future with the installation of floodlighting at Stintons, providing the “Sharks” with 2 fully equipped training and playing venues.

The “Sharks” have a proud history and a promising future. Be a part of it, and enjoy the experience. Go Sharks!!

Be a part of the "Sharks". Go Sharks!

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